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Amba Gale has been creating potent transformational conversations for over forty years, conversations which allow for people to create completion and healing in their lives, awaken to a new spirit of awareness, wakefulness, consciousness, listening, joy, gratitude, and wonder, and to generate accomplishments across the board in their lives. Through interactive conversations, both one and one and in group settings, through readings, including poetry, based in current and ancient wisdom, she invites people to come into a new profound connection with themselves, with others, where they “listen” to life newly, allowing them to live a meaningful life well lived and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Crossing Thresholds

By Amba Gale

In the summer of 2019, I made a threshold crossing.  I journeyed to a pristine wilderness Island in Lake Superior. At that particular time in my life, I needed to address a relationship with my adult daughter. She is now 23. I realized I had been relating to her in old ways, ways that were no longer empowering to her. She was very plain spoken about that. Those ways were no longer working. While at the island, I was able to cross the threshold of transforming my relationship with her from what it had been into her being an equal adult: resourceful, responsible, reliable, and the author of her own life, free to have agency, free to make her own choices, deeply respected by me. 

We human beings seem to have an addiction to certainty, to staying with what is familiar because it is safe, with what is predictable, controllable, certain.  We are resistant to change, and yet, sometimes in life, (like our times now), we come to those special times of threshold crossings when accepting a change of what is occurring outside of us while crossing a threshold within us is just what is called for.

A dock whose bridge had been carried out during the Spring Ice Melt became a metaphor for building bridges within. In the process of building that internal bridge, I made new discoveries about making shifts, all of which are relevant to growing, particularly in challenging times like the pandemic we are in:

  • From having expectations to living in appreciation
  • From being hard on myself for my imperfections to being compassion for myself for being human
  • From being closed off to having an open heart
  • From being in fear to loving
  • From despair to gratefulness
  • From stress to wellbeing
  • From avoiding experiencing my wounds to having compassion for myself and others
  • From resisting changes in my circumstances to befriending them
  • From avoiding my flaws to seeing them as gifts 

Through the poems, photographs, and deep reflections, you, too, can find your own wisdom.  Transform your relationship with yourself, with another, or others, and with the circumstances of your life, in behalf of living a life of meaning.  I invite you to take a journey of the soul.

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