The Heart of Accomplishment

Acquiring Velocity through Creating Accountability and Generating Coordinated Action

Dates: TBD (Check back with us for future offering dates & times.)

We are happy to announce a public offering of this conversation, on November 11, 12, 13 and December 4, at the Clearwater Hotel in Suquamish, Washington. This program has heretofore only been delivered to in tact business communities as an in house offering. The outcomes have been so exceptional, that we now wish to serve our constituency on a wider business, through making this offering available to people who work together, from a wide variety and sizes of businesses, allowing them to engage together in this most powerful conversation.

The title of this program means exactly what it expresses. The Heart of Accomplishment is a four day conversation which gives Heart of Leadership graduates an opportunity to dwell, live into, explore, and delve into exercises, to research, intuit, and inquire into what is at the ”heart” — the very soul and essence — of accomplishment. It is a strategic and tactical course, a conversation whose intention is to give over to those who engage the design of being in communication in such a way that they can authentically say, “I can and am committed to being responsible and accountable for generating coordinated action with others, for creating collaborative workability, and fulfilling my intentions and accomplishments throughout my life, including both my personal concerns and my operational or institutional concerns.”

The Heart of Accomplishment, goes a long way in standing in the footsteps of The Heart of Leadership, deepening that work, and delving into the nature of the design of accomplishment, weaving accomplishment’s relationship with Temporality, with Grace, with Fierceness, with Flow, and with Compassion, throughout each of the conversations that human beings engage in with one another as they are out to fulfill Life, to fulfill themselves and each other, to fulfill what they are up to, and to fulfill a business and their accountability in their business. 

There is a deep cost to not coordinating action well. Costs are in finances, well being, productivity, relationships, one’s ability to fulfill what one promises, integrity. This course addresses questions like: How do you open a space for others to give and keep their word? To be responsible? To coordinate action well, like trapeze artists do? To have partners everywhere, including where people have broken their word with you? What does it take to get out of the win/lose game, and into the game of creating collaboration and workability? What does it take to make an effective request? To enroll people in what you’re asking them to commit to? To give and keep your word? To handle breaches of integrity well? To restore trust? All of these are critical questions in all of life, and, especially business, and so many opportunities go by the wayside without having some mastery in this conversation for generating Accountability and being, yourself, a space of possibility in which others can make and keep commitments. People who have engaged in the conversation report breakthroughs in living, practicing, and being powerful in all of these areas.

In addition to the general and specific purposes of The Heart of Accomplishment, some of the comments made by participants afterward are included in this document, in behalf of giving you a sense of what the program could make available in your business, community, or organization.

This is an excellent follow up to The Heart of Leadership, and allows for a re-visiting of that conversation inside of the distinctions of Conversation for Accomplishment: and, particularly, accountability, coordinated action, holding people to account, handling breaches of integrity, and creating a culture of integrity in action.

The following purposes are the purposes for The Heart of Accomplishment.


“Thought without action is nothing much

And action without thought is nothing at all.”

–George Bernanos

The Purposes of The Heart of Accomplishment: Acquiring Velocity through Generating Accountabilityand Creating Coordinated Action

You are able to create accomplishment throughout your life – in business and personal — in your developmental life, and your operational life, through developing yourself to live and work in relationship with others, discovering, exploring, correcting, and leaning into the principles for authentic communication, accountability, and coordinated action, as pathways for providing velocity, community, and extraordinary service.

You, and the team with which you work, are committed to and own being responsible for yourself and others making and keeping clear commitments (both requests and promises), so that effectiveness and workability exist in your collaboration with others.

Another way of saying this: You are someone around whom others make and keep commitments (both requests and promises), give and keep their word.

  1. To empower you and the people with whom you work to be accountable for causing the fulfillment of what you intend.
  2. You are clear about what it takes to negotiate and align on specific, agreed upon conditions of satisfaction (and are “practicing” in everyday life, doing so).
  3. You are empowered with tools to instill practices, protocols, and ways of working that support a culture in your business, your family, and organizations with which you participate, of connectivity, possibility, workability, accountability, and accomplishment.
  4. To enable you to accomplish what you set out to accomplish in coordinated action with others, and to unfold your projects as accomplishments.
  5. You have a breakthrough in your ability to engage others in making and fulfilling their word, or, in other words, your and their specific, agreed upon, commitments.
  6. You are developing yourself to transcend or remove your barriers and stops to being straight with others, including holding them to account, as a way to follow through and correct, graciously restoring a condition of integrity (and trust) in your working together collaboratively.
  7. You are developing yourself, as you move through life and your career, in listening from and listening for the conversational pathways that allow you to be responsible for fulfilling intentions.
  8. You have a breakthrough in your ability to lead from being of service, deepening your relationship with Generosity, Compassion and Understanding, as you embody the distinctions of Accountability. 

Who can participate? 

Anyone who has taken The Heart of Leadership and is now interested in and willing to committedly and seriously explore arenas of concern that allow for breakthroughs in the areas outlined in the purposes. This course is for individuals as well as communities working together.

While we are accepting participants, we strongly recommend that a business send between two to six participants into the conversation, in behalf of creating a sense of community amongst and between the participants, as they develop a sense of accountability and “ownership” of the business.


The Heart of Accomplishment has been designed to be offered as an in house program, within an organization. From time to time, we offer this conversation publicly, as well. The next public offering has not as yet been scheduled.

Upon registration we will send you additional information.

If you have any questions about this program, or know that you would like to register, please contact us.

Amba Gale
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