Who We Are

Awakening heart,
spirit and joy in worklife

Gale Leadership Development LLC is a company whose orientation is developmental: that is to say, we are committed that the more you develop people, the more there is an increase in their power and, ultimately, the power of their own organization or business, or work. And, the more development lives as a foundation of the culture of an organization, the more people are empowered in their everyday work life and contribute to the business.

This kind of power is not derived from learning based in understanding or gathering more information. Rather, it is accomplished through “shifts in being.” It is transformative in nature. Once this shift is made, it translates into unpredictable, extraordinary breakthroughs in people being able to create new futures for themselves, both personally and professionally. These futures are often actualized as breakthroughs in trust, reductions in attrition, increases in loyalty, in people being able to work collaboratively together, in creating meaningfulness in their life and work, in releasing themselves to their own passion, in creating new partnerships and healing old ones, in awakening people’s ability to fulfill what they intend, to fulfill their accomplishments, and to be of service to those with whom they come into contact, whether they be vendors, other employees, customers, stake holders. In a way, EVERYONE is seen as the customer. Everyone is served.

This quality of generating ongoing breakthroughs in being of service results in extraordinary, out-of-the-ordinary relationships with customers, who so appreciate that quality of authentic service, of being authentically connected with, concerned about, and who appreciate the genuine partnership that such communication-based relationships engender. The reliable and direct outcome of all of this is ongoing, sustainable relationships with satisfied customers, employees who are delighted to be in the company, reductions in breakdowns during the course of doing business, customer loyalty, and of course, profitability. When the people of a company thrive, the company thrives. When the people in an organization are healthy, the business is healthy.

As David Whyte, a Pacific Northwest poet, said in The Heart Aroused, “The point is that we eventually come to the realization that it is injurious to the soul to remove portions of our life from exploration, as if, at work, certain parts of experience suddenly lie out of bounds. We simply spend too much time and have too much psychic and emotional energy invested in the workplace for us to declare it a spiritual desert bereft of life-giving water.

The belief has been that we can drink only on weekends or vacations and must proceed to shrivel slowly as the desiccating years roll by. Whatever strategy we employ, or whoever, we choose to speak with, we are eventually compelled to bring our work life into the realm of spiritual examination. Life does not seem to be impressed by our arguments that we can ignore our deeper desires simply because we happen to be earning a living at the time.”

What we accomplish

We create new cultures based in authenticity, trust, integrity, partnership, and collaborative communication that allow for businesses to work, and create extraordinary accomplishments. We develop the capacity for leaders to create and develop other leaders, to deepen the bench, to leave their legacy.

We create cultures of partnership and mutuality that support verses thwart leaders in fulfilling their intentions.

We create alignment in the space of no alignment.

We create trust in the space of no trust.

We empower individuals and businesses to create velocity where there have been “stops.”

We generate environments for teams to work together committedly, in coordinated action with one another.

We generate work environments for people’s talents and gifts to be contributed.

We create possibility where there isn’t any.

We develop people to create futures that were not going to happen anyway, futures that are not an extension of the past.

We free people up to express and live their passion, to discern their purpose, to give their lives meaning, to design their lives.

We create breakthroughs in people being able to lead others masterfully, both through one-on-one management, leading, and coaching and in groups.

We create environments for people and teams to coordinate action flawlessly, without effort, drastically reducing the amount of money spent in handling breakdowns, which slow down velocity of action.

We create cultures in the work place that are healthy for everyone who touches that business; cultures based and in sound and daily practices of people in being in development with one another, and, externally, in the customers’ experience being reliably extraordinary.

Where we come from

We come from that people are powerful, filled with ability, and the capacity to be awake. We are a stand for their greatness, and inside the conversations we generate, we open up people to their own wisdom, their creativity, their acceptance of their own humanity, and their capacity to be aware, to recognize, to notice that which is constraining them, and, ultimately that they have the capacity, “to re-perceive the world and their relationship to it,” as Peter Senge says, in The Fifth Discipline. We come from that people want, perhaps more than anything else, to make a difference. And, they have blocks and stops to their breaking through to making the difference that they want to make. Once they can recognize and own the various patterns of automaticity that constrain them, that keep them in a world of limitations and scarcity, in a world of dominate and avoid domination, in a world of fear and control, a new opportunity arises; an opportunity to create, to generate, to source another kind of possibility for themselves, and for others around them; a possibility of Possibility itself, of acceptance, relationship, connection, inclusion, partnership, healing, and joy. All of this can occur in the environment of the workplace. “To live well is to work well,” Thomas Aquinas says. And from David Whyte, we get: “Work, after all, at its best, is one of the great human gateways to the eternal and the timeless.”

Once people are connected to their own heart, to their own ability to lead and to fulfill intentions, businesses transform. The source of any extraordinary business is extraordinary people. And people are already extraordinary; they themselves frequently don’t know that. When they discover that for themselves, and can include their joys as well as their sorrows, their wounds as well as their gifts, their failures, as well as their victories, they see that all of who-they-are can serve, can make a difference.

When the people who lead the business are transformed and awake, they shift and then sustain a culture of workability, a culture of nourishment, in which people are happy, and want to stay, a business culture in which everyone who touches it is served.

What is our Work and What does our work provide?

Albert Einstein once said, “The world that we have made thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.”

We need a shift in level. Our work provides an opening for clients to shift their level of thinking and being, to open new territory for themselves, in which to create. This allows for innovative ideas to be born, possibilities for a future life, or life of an organization, beyond what one can think of inside the existing way of thinking.

We are committed that trust, authenticity, connectedness in relationship, integrity, real communication, real and profound listening, (versus pretend listening), awareness, vulnerability, and collaboration are all essential ingredients for creating cultures in the workplace that provide social, emotional, experiential and financial value to all stake holders. We open up people to the source and heart of their own leadership, and their own capacity to fulfill what they intend.

We engender in individuals, and in companies, their capacity to connect with, discern, discover, and awaken their own spirit, and the Soul of their business.