Meet Amba

Meet Amba

Amba Gale is a teacher, coach, and guide, philosopher, and poet, for people and businesses, primarily through interactive coaching conversations, opening territory for people to live an alive, awakened, conscious, loving, mindful, fulfilled life.

As a devoted adventurer of inner and outer travels, a pioneer and pilgrim dedicated to personal development, to making a difference in the lives of human beings, she is committed to plumbing her own depths, stepping ever more powerfully beyond what is familiar and safe. Working with organizations, and people in organizations, in behalf of being transformational leaders, she has been designing and leading deep dives into authenticity, integrity, forgiveness, committing, communication, collaboration, and community with others since the early seventies.


Amba received her BA from the University of California at Berkeley as a Phi Beta Kappa, majoring in English, minoring in Music. She earned a Masters in Music Education, and began her career teaching high school English, winning an Award for innovative development from the California Teachers Association. She later completed the Mastery of Management Program at Darden College. In her late twenties, she turned her attention to another kind of education; transformative learning, where developmental, ontological, poetic, and philosophical conversations contribute to the opening of the human eyes, the opening into Awareness.


Amba is the founder of Gale Leadership Development, through whose clearing she opens the space for people to take a powerful and authentic inward journey, touching into their authentic selves, coming into their Awareness, Wakefulness, Joy, and Aliveness, as they grow and touch ever more deeply the depths of their own Being, see and experience their connectedness with others, and open up territory for collaborative accomplishment.

She has been writing poetry throughout her life, and weaves many of the themes of her poetry through her interactive transformational work with people. She has recently published her first book,  a book of poetry, photography, and teaching/reflective questions, called Crossing Thresholds, Island Reflections, which give rise to the reader having the opportunity to create a personal transformational journey.



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