The Heart of Leadership

Awakening heart,
spirit and joy in worklife

The Heart of Leadership

The Heart of Leadership is a pre-requisite for all other public courses.

Dates: February 5, 6, 7, and 27, 28, 2019, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm each day (open)



We are pleased to announce that Gale Leadership Development, LLC

is opening our next offering of The Heart of Leadership, a program open to the public.

This workshop enables people to deepen their foundation of connection with others, themselves, and with their community; to expand their vitality, power, and heart across all aspects of their lives.

This five-day Self mastery program enables people to take a deep dive into empowering others, the heart of listening, integrity, developing themselves and coaching others, creating collaboration, completing the past, and breaking through whatever constraints and barriers and patterns that are currently operating and constraining them, including creating new possibilities of their lives.

In this program, people awaken to the possibility of living life from their own soaring spirit and from the opportunity to shape their lives and create their leadership. Through discovering and standing for their own unique talents and gifts, participants are freed up to generate work for themselves that is meaningful and that allows for increasing personal and professional accomplishment with decreasing effort. They are released to their passion, spirit, creativity, and power, and enabled to fulfill their intentions through collaborative communication with others.

The Heart of Leadership will next be held on February 5, 6, 7, and 27, 28, 2019, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm each day.

As a firm oriented around developing people, we are dedicated to the possibility that one’s work and all other aspects of one’s life can be a source of joy, inspiration, ongoing development, contribution and meaning. In the past thirty years of developing people, we have observed that living well and working well are related; that accomplishment, productivity and satisfaction are related; and that forwarding people’s development over time ever increases the power of people to fulfill their intentions and to create environments around them that nourish themselves and others.

While The Heart of Leadership has reliably shown its power through time for people who work in larger settings, this course is also for individuals, for medium or small business owners and single practitioners, educators, or entrepreneurs who have a small staff or few or no employees. Because this program enables your ability to cause alignment and trust, to deepen relationships and connectivity, to create communication across functional areas or cultural boundaries, and to resolve alignment issues, you may obviously wish to take it with others with whom you are actively involved in projects. This is certainly not required, however. Quite personal in its approach and its nature, the program allows people to move forward on their journey of personal development and to create new opportunities for themselves for leading meaningful lives, for being enlivened and satisfied at work, and for producing results across all domains of life.

If you find yourself interested, please review the more substantial description of the program on the following pages. Registration information and comments about the program from previous participants also follow.

We look forward to the possibility of speaking with you, and contributing to you.

“Work should be and can be productive and rewarding, meaningful

and maturing, enriching and fulfilling, healing and joyful.

Work is one of our greatest privileges. Work can even be poetic.”

Max Depree, Leadership is an Art


“Tell me: what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver


The Heart of Leadership is a developmental program that unleashes the heart and spirit component in work and in life. This rich conversation develops people to live and begin to master what is at the heart of leadership, communication, trust, connectivity, empowerment, and accomplishment. It enables people to create work and life as a pathway for meaning and fulfillment, to create a present and a future where people are released to their own passion, to their ability to release others’ brilliance and passion, and to being productive, accomplished, and fulfilled. 

We can hear in our work with our clients, a call for expanding “edge”, competence, and mastery through forwarding the growth and fulfillment of human beings. The work environment is a domain that can contribute to every aspect of a human being’s life, but is often not constituted to do so. We have seen, over and over, this profound call for inspiration in people’s personal and professional lives, particularly now, when it is clearer than ever that we live in a changing and uncertain environment. 

The Heart of Leadership addresses that calling. It aims at awakening and engaging the vast resource that is the human spirit. From that awakening, participants are able to create changes in their personal and professional lives that generate breakthroughs in ease, fulfillment, accomplishment, and the experience of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 


Through this program, people are able to bring into being the core ingredients for awakening a culture in the workplace and in the other dimensions of their lives of trust, inspiration, partnership, connection with others, accomplishment, success, creativity, and fulfillment. Some of the key elements included are: access to honest, authentic communication based in powerful listening; compassion; honor and regard for one’s own and others’ gifts and unique contribution; a capacity to take risks and embrace mistakes; integrity; forgiveness; the ability to fulfill intentions and accomplishments with ease and velocity through collaborative conversational pathways; keys for creating breakthroughs from breakdowns; and an increased ability to forward and empower others to fulfill their intentions. This program opens up territory for people to connect with living life from a place of profundity, meaning, and inspiration as well as accomplish what they intend. In fact, the two are very much related. 


What are the results of the program?


This program, delivered through a three-day session one month and a two-day session the next month, opens people up to the collaborative nature of leadership, with authentic communication as the base for ever-expanding power in the area. It addresses what is at the heart of leadership, communication, and empowering others. It leaves people causing a relationship with their work that has meaning and substance. It leads people to be able to create relationships with others that have heart and that allows for gracious and effective collaboration, including in the face of breakdowns, so that people are both successful and fulfilled.

Through this program, people have reshaped their work, their lives, their personal relationships, and their organizational environments into environments that are fulfilling and nurturing to human beings, in which people can thrive. Through this program, people have reshaped their cultures from:

  • No trust to trust 
  • Little communication to communication that works 
  • No partnership to partnership 
  • Having barriers and walls between people to healing those barriers ongoingly 
  • Control to empowerment 
  • “Silo” thinking to creating possibility, opportunity and actions collaboratively
  • Longing for what they don’t have to being satisfied with what they do have (or creating it) 

Appreciation, communication, and integrity become the background of the culture in a sustained way. These environmental or cultural shifts have allowed individuals, partners, and organizations to produce surprising, concrete, and extraordinary results. In these five days, participants create breakthroughs in their ability to listen, in their ability to speak from commitment, compassion, and inspiration, and in their ability to create innovation from problems and breakdowns. New freedoms, openings for action, and new outcomes are produced.

Some of the questions we address and develop people to live from are:

  • Where does leading a meaningful life and empowering others come from? 
  • What is my purpose (in life and work)?
  • How do I deepen my relationship with others? 
  • What is the unique contribution I am? 
  • What is the role of completion, forgiveness, and integrity in living and in leading? 
  • How do we accomplish completion/learning before moving on to the next project? 
  • How does appreciation release my own creativity and the creativity of others? 
  • What blocks appreciation? 
  • How do I get access to connecting powerfully, committedly, and generously, with both others and myself? (especially when I don’t like them)               
  • What are the conversational pathways for fulfilling intentions collaboratively? 
  • What are the principles for creating and sustaining trust through time? 
  • How can I resolve interruptions and breakdowns with ease and grace? 
  • How can I create breakthroughs from breakdowns? 
  • How can I engage the teams I work with to be in effective communication and action on an ongoing basis? 

While most people would agree that leadership and management based in hierarchy, paternalism, and control are no longer viable, there are few schools educating people to be able to make a new kind of leadership–both in our work and in our private lives and families – operational. We suggest that to move forward into the next era will take a new kind of leadership: a leadership that is based in fulfilling one’s own life, releasing one’s self to one’s own heart, joy, wisdom, and soaring spirit. From there, one can take on being someone who releases others to fulfill the possibility that they are. We are not well trained in releasing our own and/or others’ brilliance. This program provides that training.


Who can participate?  


Anyone who is interested in and willing to committedly and seriously explore questions that allow for an explosion in creativity and freedom, taking action on enriching their personal and work life with meaning, expanding their ability to create alignment and trust with others, and fulfilling their intentions with velocity.

Because the program enables your ability to break down walls and to create communication across functional areas and resolve alignment issues, you may wish to participate with other people, either personally or professionally, with whom you are actively engaged. This program is a potent and reliable resource for developing a greater level of unity and connectivity with others, for the present and the future. However, participating in it with others with whom you live or work, though useful, is certainly not critical or required.


How is it organized?  


The program is delivered in two sections: the first is three days in a row, followed by two days approximately three or four weeks later. The first three days provide a breakthrough in authentic communication, completion, integrity, forgiveness, creating a meaningful future, a deep regard for one’s self and others, healing with others, and the distinctions for creating trust and partnership on an ongoing basis. The second two days cover the conversational pathways for fulfilling intentions collaboratively, in an integrated way with others, and the keys to reliably creating breakthroughs from breakdowns. Participants report dramatic breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives from the first three days; many of the comments in the “Previous Participant’s Comments” section stem from people having participated in a workshop based solely in the distinctions of the first three days.




The tuition for the program is $1795.00, which includes lunches. 

The Heart of Leadership will take place on February 5, 6, 7, and 27, 28, 2019, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm each day. Upon registration, we will send you additional information.


Further information


If you have any questions about the program or this program’s applicability to you and/or your business, please call our Registration Coordinator, Ruth Blaney, at (206) 842-2774, and leave a message, or you may email her at and she will contact you.


How to register

  1. If you have any questions about this program, or know that you would like to register, please contact us
  2. Or email the registration form by sending it back to Ruth as an attachment in Word, to and mail the deposit to her.
  3. Or fax the filled out form to us at (206) 283-9999 and mail the deposit to Gale Leadership Development, LLC @ 16416 Agate Point Road NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.

Full tuition is due by January 15, 2019. Reservations for guest rooms at Clearwater Resort Hotel are due by January 7, 2018, to take advantage of the deeply discounted room rate. Please call 866-609-8700 to reserve your space and indicate that you are part of our group.

We would be happy to speak with you about the program, look with you at how it might be able to benefit you personally, those in relationship with you, or your organization, and to answer any questions you may have.