Who Shall I Be?

March 14, 2023

Who Shall I Be?

By Amba Gale

In a world in which so many paths are possible, the question, “What shall I do?” often takes a forefront in our lives. 

Before that, is the question, “What determines what I do?”

Here is what I have found:

I participate in that which brings meaning to my life, which brings joy, which makes me come alive.

I eliminate that which, over time, darkens my heart.

I engage in what uplifts, allowing my spirit to soar.

I may not always be happy.

Happy or unhappy are passing waves.

What gives my life depth are relationships that are uplifting. I have people who know who I am and love me in the loop of my life.

I ask, myself ongoingly, “What really matters?”

I ask the question Mary Oliver asks us to ask: “What am I going to do with my one wild and precious life?”

I give myself alone time, time to reflect.

I hold whatever comes my way as a gift given to me for my evolution.

I cultivate my awareness on an ongoing basis.

I plant seeds of possibility as I walk the path, engaging in activities that make my life, and the life of others, sing.

I stand for the privilege of awakening awareness and enlivening the lives of others.

With compassion, I befriend my own past, present, and future.

I create spaciousness around my fears and my worries. I don’t “buy in.” When I do, and notice, I create forgiveness for myself.

When I am present the whole world sings.

If I put the question, “who shall I be?” as the senior question instead of “What shall I do?,” Beingness arrives in the forefront, and the doingness reveals itself of its own accord.


Open Your Senses

By Amba Gale

Open your eyes.
Open your ears.
Open your taste buds.
Give space to your fears.

Open your touch.
Open your heart.
Find intuition
in this new world apart.

Be grateful for Life!
It is a gift that’s been given.
When you are present,
that’s when you are living.

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