Spring Approaching

May 23, 2023

Spring Approaching

By Amba Gale

Gentle breeze stirs
the branches of the pine
and cottonwood today,
as the silver sun swims
in the water near our shore.

I hear the gentle movement within
as well,
as Spring comes toward me this year.

The Magnolia is budding,
beautiful in her white, pink gown, soon to be ready
to greet the day
in her full glory
and then shed that dress
for another,
donning her green
through the summer.

Spring arrives without, within.
For I can feel the gentle stirring inside as well,
as though something
is about to happen.
Something new, some surprise
coming to arrive
at my life’s doorstep
and beckon me to join.

What deliciousness is my Soul preparing for?
What new delight?

What new Spring is coming my way?

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