September 12, 2023


By Amba Gale

Dancing in the water,
the bright orange sun winks at me
through the branches of the pine.

The ceiling falling
is nothing,
being present to such beauty.

Additional Poetry

September 26, 2023


Let go and love the way the world turns. Be with it. Allow it. Notice it. Even, embrace it. When you rail against it, you become part of the same energy that stopped the flow at the beginning. Be the holder of it. Know that it, too, has a destination to, finally, merge as one with all. Listen deeply to your heart inside and those things you know are anciently true. Trust in your essential wisdom to lead the way. The world is in flux. You will find your way. “All things must pass.” Let them go. May I be…

August 29, 2023

Flowing with Nature’s Current

You have seenif you give everything the timeto unfold,if you have patience, everythinggrowsto be itselfin its own timing. When you drop down deepinto the Stillness of the Centeryou will findyou are One with it All. The flowers don’t bloom until they are ready.The crocus sleeps under the soil until the spring.The bear awakens only after the winter.Solely in fall can the grapes be harvested. Gravity carries the river to the sea. While man’s world moves at its frantic pace,in accordance with the mind,nature has her own timing. Follow her rules. Grow your gardenin accord with the sun, and you will…

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