Greeting Each Day as a Gift

January 4, 2022

Greeting Each Day as a Gift

By Amba Gale

Through the wall
of frozen water,
I see the earth behind,
shimmering, singing of life,
as the icicle drops from my roof.

I can barely see it, hear it,
dim as it is.
Like the icicle,
behind the ice of these wintry days,
hard have we become.

May our own hearts,
by the winter sun climbing north
in these early January days,
as the melting ice drips slowly,
peek out
greeting each day as a gift,
a new year,
the sights and sounds
of a loving earth.

Additional Poetry

January 18, 2022

The Present of Presence

You have learned    your lesson    in the last while,    a December like no other,    when, like an Irish curragh    on a rough sea    as you left one pilgrim island    and rowed to the next,    the boat capsized    and there you were    in the ten – foot waves    and the rough seas,    fighting for your soul. Yes. You Saw    what you needed to see:    the power and necessity of Alertness,    of Presence,    without which    you are asleep,    without which    you will flail in the water,    and could, perhaps, even, crash on the rocks underneath you,    and drown forever    in a bad…

December 21, 2021

Loving Your Self

Your reluctance to make peace with yourself, to love yourself, your younger self, that is, can now be seen, and named. The demons that usually block the entrance to the temple door now beckon you to come in. You have to do one thing only: Put your arm around your younger self (the one that hurt the most) give up the reluctance, and speak. It does not matter how old you were. Put your arm around yourself. Speak         your compassion. Speak         your connection. Speak         your understanding. And, finally, and most importantly, speak         your love. And, then, keep on walking through…

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