Flowing with the Stream

July 19, 2022

Flowing with the Stream

By Amba Gale

“How can I be still? By flowing with the stream.”

Lao Tzu said that, in his Book of Wisdom, The Tao Te ching, otherwise known as “The Way,” a  philosopher poet/wise man of immense wisdom, in the 6th century.

What an absolutely amazing realization.

The streams and rivers do keep flowing, just like life.

It is only our resistance to that flow, to what life offers us, presents us with, that incurs our agitation.

“What is it that I am currently resisting?” is always a good question.

What if we could be still, just surrender, just accept, just receive everything that life gives to us as a gift?

Imagine that!

Adrift, as we “feel,” in a sea of not knowing, of uncertainty, when we so love to control, to plan, and to be attached to the outcomes we desire, this is, and has been, a time of great teaching.

A time for surrender.

A time for both holding an intention while “flowing with the stream.”


I invite you to join us in the next offering of the course/conversation, “The Joy of Being,” a conversation for Designing Your Life from the Core of your Spirit, a conversation which gives you access to imagining, creating, and fulfilling your own Life – generating intentions while “flowing with the stream.”


Imagine Yourself

By Amba Gale

Imagine yourself a leaf,
    being carried by the river.
        There, you will know Peace.

Imagine yourself a feather,
    being danced by the wind that carries.
        There you will know Joy.

Imagine yourself a lake,
    rained on by the clouds
        There, you will know Fullness.

Imagine yourself a stream,
    being a bed for the salmon.
        There you will know Birth and Death.

Imagine yourself an ear,
    listening to another’s heart.
        There, you will meet Compassion.

Imagine yourself a heron,
    fishing the abundant waters.
        There, you will be Patience.

Imagine yourself as a poet,
    facing the blank, white page.
        There, you will find Simplicity.

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