Phoenix Ascends

June 20, 2022

Phoenix Ascends

By Amba Gale

Every five hundred to one thousand years, it is said, the Phoenix, a beautiful, scarlet and gold, giant, mythical bird, rises from the ashes of its own death.

There is, the myth says, only one Phoenix on the planet at any one time.

It sets itself on fire, inside of a nest of boughs an spices, and is consumed by the flames. Out of its own ashes, it arises, born newly. The regeneration of itself contains the ashes of its predecessor as an aspect of its next being.

What a metaphor!

This is such a time, for such an Awakening. Much of our old life is now gone. It is time to invent ourselves, newly, into this time, into these circumstances, and to create our own, new future.

Perhaps it is your time to engage in the deep work that allows for such a transformation. The Heart of Leadership has proven itself to be, reliably, for forty years, such work. A healing, a grounding into Zero, and a coming into the profound truth of your Being, a new world becomes possible, available, from such a conversation.

Or, perhaps, as a graduate of The Heart of Leadership, it is time to re-ignite your own fire, and allow it be stoked by the brilliant wisdom of others, brought to life, like a bonfire, amidst the flames of the conversational cooking that is The Joy of Being where such questions are asked that give you access to discerning the nature your own soul, your core, and your purpose on the planet.

Whether you have engaged previously in The Joy of Being, or not, this is a time for that conversation, that re-awakening, that lighting of a bonfire so full and so burning, so musical, and so enriching, that it touches the lives of many, its embers igniting your world.

There is nothing…nothing… like being in a conversation with others, in the full Presence of Others, deep down, into the Essential River, the Deep Well of Authenticity, of the Soul, that gives rise to our own poetic imagination, and to the Creative Spirit that we are, opening us into manifesting our Vision into the World.

It is time for us to ignite into the Fire of our own creativity, our own essential Self hood, and let our embers kindle flames across the planet.

It is time.

There is nothing, nothing like Co – creating Life alongside the Light of Source.

Both The Heart of Leadership and The Joy of Being (The Heart of Leadership is a pre-requisite) are such conversations.

I invite you to join me in lighting up the planet, starting with the Light of Your own Wisdom.

To discover the opportunity in both conversations, click which link you wish, and, please know, should you wish to dialogue about either of these opportunities for yourself, please contact me.



Phoenix Ascends

By Amba Gale

I stop and still myself
that I might listen.

I stop.

Where is the light?

Who am I in the face of this dis-ease?
Who are you?

What are we to say to a world that has gone mad
with grief
with war
with disarray
with avoiding its own waking up?

We stop.
We rest.

We stop that we may ask these questions.

We stop that we may amplify
that wise voice within
that we might hear
the guiding notes,
the harmonies underneath
that will show us the way
from here
in the middle
of these dark woods,
that a bonfire may be lit
by the fire within our souls
and show the path.

We have, already, lost the familiar.

That was the challenge and the gift of This Covid Crossing.

The Phoenix arises from its own ashes.
What has been burned in the fire of these last years
and in a world gone mad with grief and fear and disarray?

What is in front of us to burn, from here?

Let us now
find the way
to the Truth of our Being.

When transformation’s alchemy has done its work,
the soul alights.
The Phoenix rises.

Stopping long enough to heal,
to forgive,
to create
the future
and to live from that future
is enough.

Never forget:
You are alive.
Your fire burns within.

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