September 27, 2021


By Amba Gale

“You can’t do good work if you are impatient,” my husband, songwriter and producer of his first CD recording of his original songs, says to me.

“You have got to get the patience thing handled,” he says, referring to the pace at which the project is being completed.

True, enough.

This also applies to me.

You could also call this moment, although it may seem somewhat incomprehensible or esoteric, “leaning into surrendering to the unfolding conversation of the universe.”

Those are big words and may sound odd. At the same time, if you lean into them, you might get what they are saying, in an intuitive kind of way.

Surrender, let go, be at one with, trust. Even, simply, “have patience,”

And let the world unfold in the way it does.

Someone, a long-term participant in my course work, recently shared with me, and his fellow participants, that an insight he had in a course was to call out that his trying to control things is some level of arrogance. And then, he says, “even to think I could is some level or arrogance.”

I was blown away.

That was his point.

So, I say, follow the teachings of the Great Blue, as she awakens each morning, fishing for her early morning breakfast.




By Amba Gale

Hello, Great Blue!

You, who walk so stealthily,
so faithfully,
so gracefully,
so quietly,
on your long, lanky, legs,

looking, waiting for
your first, tasty
morsel from the sea,
yellowing sea.

Good morning, Great Blue,
Long Necked Warrior
of the Morning birds,
you, who work so attentively
keen for your morning fish.
looking outwards toward the rising, brightening, sun.

Do you watch
for the sun to rise?
Are you single pointedly
moving towards the exact place
where the fish meet your beak?

This is the way
I want to awaken each day,
saying hello to the wild
world before me,
immersing myself in its splendor.

Witnessing you,
in your patience:
this is how I learn
to be patient myself.

My I be so patient as you
who wait for that
which is yours
to come to you
of its own accord.


I don’t need to control anything!

Are you making yourself
for the delivery
from the oncoming sea?

Am I?


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