Listening for the Miraculous

August 1, 2023

Listening for the Miraculous

By Amba Gale

The Buddha taught: “If you know as I know the benefit of generosity, you would not let an opportunity go by without sharing.”

And, so, I share with you a very personal story.

Last night, as Don and I were exiting the lobby of the hotel from a beautiful, energy filled, heart filled, body filled, evening with Danny Vernon, a great and humble channeler of the energy and “beingness” and voice of Elvis Presley, a most unusual event occurred.

I was “gob smacked” by a man sitting in a chair outside the lobby, next to the walkway where everyone was leaving the event.

We had met him as we went in. He was arresting then, too. He told us to have a great evening, and when he did, he seemed to reach deep inside, and “make it so.” His speaking seemed to come from somewhere outside his body, and land somewhere deep in mine.

And upon our exit, being with him again, the conversation was more intentional, more specific, more precise, more pointed, more real, than just about anything, like a Teaching. 

When I told him how much I had enjoyed the evening, a message came through: “You deserve it,” he said, in some form or another. “You must give yourself more times like this.”

Treat myself well, I got, be good to myself, gift myself with self – care.  

That is what came through.

Then, he looked at us. “Who is driving?” he asked. We said Don. Then, he looked at Don. “She is precious cargo. Take care of her.  

She is precious cargo. 

 She is precious cargo.”

I began to hear a theme, and a Teaching.

I am precious cargo.

Then, “how long have you been married?”

“Forty two years,” I said.

And then, pointedly came his Voice, 

“He loves you and you love him.” And then he repeated that.

“He loves you and you love him.”

And then a third time,

“He loves you and you love him.”

All of it seemed to take place in eternal time.

Something Big was stirring inside me.

During this conversation, from time to time, he greeted many other people as well, as if he had known them forever. They greeted him like he was their best friend. He spoke of living in Austin. He spoke of driving to Dallas. Don said something about his passing Willy’s Road House.  

My experience was that I was living in two zones of time: one was within time, one was outside of time.

“She is precious cargo,” he said to Don again.

Don took a picture of the two of us. 

“Will I see you again?”  I asked.

“That’s up to God,” he said.

We walked to the car and drove home.

This morning, an eagle spoke throughout my morning reflection. It told me to be open to Teachings from Beyond.

I would not have stopped, and heard, had I not been paying attention.

Mary Oliver suggests to us, in her poem called “Praying,” that praying starts with “just pay attention.” And the great Northwest poet, David Whyte, tell us, “when you pay profound attention, profound things happen.” 

I invite you to “pay profound attention,” and to join me in our Heart of Leadership conversation in September, where you will have an opening to DROP whatever current story you are telling yourself about yourself, others, and the world, and come into a direct experience that you are precious cargo. 

And so is everyone else. 

For graduates at this time, on a first come first served basis, we have a special scholarship. Watch this short video.

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