Embracing the Changes

August 16, 2022

Embracing the Changes

By Amba Gale

While we are living in a world which is constantly changing, we are also wired for resisting change.

Our relationships are changing, our ways of communicating with one another are changing, the kind of opportunities we have for educating, or developing ourselves are changing, ways of doing business are changing, people around us are changing, and our life circumstances are changing.

Sometimes, these changes take the form of loss: a loved one is leaving us, a cherished job is disappearing, it’s time to move out of a home we have been living in, or work in a different way, either through shifting our job or the form our work takes, our finances change which necessitates operating differently in the world, a change occurs in how we relate with one another or work together.

While change is constant, it seems to be highlighted these days in its obvious presence and rapid fire momentum.

Often, our resistance to change leads to worry, fear, and even, dread.

Worry deprives us of joy.
Fear deprives us of happiness.
Dread deprives us of peace.

If we could create a slight shift in the kaleidoscope around change, and view changes differently, we could open ourselves up to a new quality of experience – one based in ease, possibility, growth, and evolution.

Even, in progress.

This change in perception is a choice that only we can make, and it takes something. It can take doing the inner work of reflecting, meditating, become larger than our fears. Perhaps it is a matter of letting go of our expectations, and our certain knowing of, and attachment to, how things “should be.” Perhaps it is a matter of acknowledging a certain limiting belief we have become attached to, and, then, letting that go.

Once we let go, the whole world, and each change, can show up as a surprise.

Sometimes, letting go itself, can be accessed through changing our environment. My husband and I recently took a one week cruise to Alaska; the simple change of environment opened up pathways to changing our internal conversation, seeing things differently, letting in new insights, new revelations, new discoveries.

Three years ago, I wrote a poem, Wake Up Wind. It came to me about six months before a clue of the coming tsunami of the Covid pandemic was in any of our radar screens. One of the lines of the poem suggests that a life of no change, a life of ongoing familiarity, can sometimes give rise to complacency and, even, deadness.

Embracing change, we can relax into the stream of life, allowing ourselves to be surprised and, even, blown away, by the new wonders before us.

As evolving creatures, we humans can journey and learn and grow through our life’s inner and outer travels.

Embracing Change can shift change from being a BIG PROBLEM to being an opportunity for progress, and for growth, and, even, transformation.

Here are some prompts for you:

What changes is it time for you to generate?

Where can you shift from resisting a change that is yours to make, to embracing it?

Where can you dis-identify from a worry, a fear, or a dread, and, simply be aware of , or notice, that fear, that dread, that worry?

What internal conversation with yourself can you have that allows for that shift in perspective?


Wake up Wind

By Amba Gale

I awoke last night.
wind howling in a haunting cry,
disturbing even
my gentle house,
rattling windows,
shaking me out of my slumber.

as if to arouse me from my sleep,
as if to warn me
about complacency a
and the deep deadness
that arrives
from a life of too much familiarity.

You awoke last night.
wind howling in a haunting cry,
disturbing even
your gentle house,
rattling windows,
shaking you out of your slumber,

as if to arouse you from my sleep,
as if to warn me
about complacency
and the deep deadenss
that arrives
from a life of too much familiarity.

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