Crossing Thresholds: Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Crossing Thresholds: A Conversational Bridge to Your Next Opening

Session 1: Entering into this Conversation Deeply

Primary Question: What is at the heart of creating a breakthrough in one’s own life?

Discerning and naming a particular new possibility, new opening, or a breakthrough you want to make for yourself in your life

Cultivating a longing for journeying across that particular threshold

Creating a new practice of Reflective Journaling; finding your own inner guide, your wisdom, through your own poetic imagination

Tapping into Silence, deepening our connection with nature and nature’s connection with us

Session II: The Threshold Crossing: Accepting Endings, Creating Completion, Starting New Beginnings

Primary Question: How can I possibly be all right with things just as they are and are not?

Accepting Endings and loss; embracing our own griefs

Accepting the impermanence of life

Opening the heart for healing past wounds

Befriending the circumstances

Letting Go

The power of Faith, Declaration, Surrender, Trust

The power of Forgiveness for Healing, Grieving

Allowing our wounds and vulnerability to contribute compassion to our lives

The Confluence of Surrender and Intentionality

The Power of Stand taking, and Spiritual Committing (Making Vows)

Transforming Obstacles into New Openings

Session III: The Power of Presence; paying profound attention

Primary Inquiry: What does it mean to be alive, spiritually?

Wonder, Possibility, Perspective, Gratefulness

Love as Being of Service

Listening from the Heart as That Which Gives our Way

Hearing the Future Calling You

Session IV: Completion: Journeying through Community

Creating the space for completion: What is Completion?

What is debriefing?

Sharing, exploring, embodying, deepening your new space

Tapping into the Wisdom given by each other’s journeys

What’s been left behind? What’s been stepped into?

Breathing Together: interconnectedness, Compassion

What Partnership and Community allow for

Creating commitments and practices for living your new opening reliably in the world

What new openings for action do you have?


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