Special Announcement

Only 4 Seats Left For Heart of Leadership graduates



–at this special time of coming back out into this new world of ours:–



 The dates: September 8, 9, 10, 28, 29, 2023

with a $500 scholarship

We are living in ever changing times, times in which the art of living wakefully, with Awareness, is critical.

Living in these turbulent and ever changing times (although it was “ever thus,” no matter WHAT times we are living in), comes a critical need: the re-building of the muscle of CONNECTING with our deepest Self, completing the challenge, even trauma, of the accumulated residue of the last years’ emotions, strengthening our essential roots, re-uniting with our core, allowing for, honoring, and embracing our griefs, and losses, and re-emerging newly into a new future which we can call our own, a future which is given by our Voice.  

You may recall, The Heart of Leadership allows for powerful threshold experiences, including shifts

  • From dispiritedness to renewing our passion for life
  • From the discomfort of living in uncertainty, to being at ease, and at one with, the unfolding of the conversation
  • From exhaustion to wholeheartedness
  • From feeling disenfranchised and alienated to dwelling in a profound sense of belonging – to our deepest Selves, others, and the world
  • From being disoriented to being whole, with a kind of clarity
  • From holding on to the past, to letting go of what is causing negativity to breed within
  • From distrust to a grounded sense of trust in others, and yourself
  • From withholding parts of ourselves, to embracing a new vulnerability, compassion, and love, That which deepens our connection to others
  • Feeling alone, to generating collaboration as a foundation for accomplishment

And, to do so, in a loving, hospitable, welcoming community.

If it is time for you to re-member your Self in this way,


If you are planning on registering, please let me know, via my email, as there are just a few seats left.

Tashi Deley, to you…from heart, to heart….


Heart of Leadership Graduates from Amba Gale on Vimeo.


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