Parametrix Engineering

Parametrix is a multidisciplinary firm (engineering, architecture, environmental sciences), based in the Northwest. We have been working with approximately 400 of their leaders for six years to create a transformation in their culture. When they shifted to being an employee owned firm, they also became committed to shifting to a culture of employee participation in major decision, ownership of developing themselves and their people, and the cultivation of trust open collaboration and authentic communication as the foundation for their culture.

“Amba’s contribution to Parametrix has had a profound effect on people’s personal and professional lives. Thanks to Amba, the firm now has a powerful vision to guide us strategically into the future. We have embarked on a journey to identify our core values and set into motion incentives to ensure we live the core values .

For those of us that have participated in the program Amba conducted for us, partnerships have resulted throughout the company built on trust respect, appreciation and meaningful communication.

For me personally, Amba has inspired my courage to explore opportunities, confront issues and risk change – both personally and professionally. Amba’s common sense approaches have awakened my soul and allowed me to speak from my heart. If you’re open, Amba can change your life!”


“The most important accomplishment has been the breakthrough of knowing that the areas of dissatisfaction with my career and job are internal. It is in my power to change my attitude and actions to create satisfaction with me and my career. I’m not going to make a significant change in my happiness by going to another company or finding a different job.

Your method of resolving a breakdown has helped me resolve two problems, one at home and one at work. At work it has helped me resolve a difficult issue with a contractor. Our relationship has been much better ever since having an open conversation with him (and myself) about what needs to be completed on the project and how best to do this. The project is nearly complete and we are not arguing over issues anymore. At home my wife and I were clearly apart on an issue that has been ongoing for over a year. Instead of arguing over issues anymore. At home my wife and I were clearly apart on an issue that has been ongoing for over a year. Instead of going into the argument stage again, I got her to discuss our commonality on the issue, I then offered some new possibilities and she also had some new ideas also. We are now working together on our plan for the new kitchen arrangement, and it is almost complete.

I have had more accomplishments, but the last one I have time to mention is seeing and appreciating my fellow workers much more deeply. I now appreciate and work better with them. For too many years I have focused on the technical issues of my job and have weakened my team building and supervisor skills. I can now see this clearly and I have changed.

Your course has been great. The depth of the lessons is still sinking in. Every once in a while I realize how well thought out your ideas and methods are (e.g. resolving a breakdown). I think of new applications to what you taught us, applications that I did not think of in class. There is lots of good material in the course and I will need to review it on a regular basis to learn it more completely.”


“I was introduced to Amba and Gale Leadership Development LLC at an executive retreat that I was coordinating. During the workshop she facilitated a training session with regard to communication. I, along with the executives that attended the retreat, was inspired by her teachings. What followed that retreat was something very special.

I witnessed approximately 150 employees complete this training over two years. Some of the tremendous changes I observed, both in the employees and the culture of our company are:

Employees coming into the training unsure of their future with the company and leaving with new energy, dedication and commitment to this culture and company.
Employees coming into the training with major issues in their life and leaving with a new outlook for possibilities and resolution.
A total shift occurred in the trust the employees have in our upper management team.
I have worked for Parametrix for 12 years and never witnessed such incredible connections, fields of possibility, and growth throughout our organization. In the role I was in I was present at each class, which meant that I went through this training six times in two years. I found the courage to explore new possibilities for my own life. I have found ways which I never thought possible to make my health, well-being, and relationships be filled with enthusiasm and passion. I now welcome breakdowns into my life as a way to learn something new and keep me focused on continually testing the extraordinary wisdom I’ve gained.

I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is willing to live a life filled with joy, love, energy, and new possibilities.”


“I believe the most valuable thing that I took away from those five days with you and my colleagues was the picture in my mind of you asking a participant, ‘Does that viewpoint empower you, or defeat you?’ I now find myself asking myself that question several times a day! And you’re right: it’s not about positive thinking, but about intelligently searching out the most productive pathway through any situation. I’ve passed this message on to others as well.

The program has widened my view of what’s possible in the workplace, and eased a reluctance that I have always felt in mixing work with life. I have accepted the view that the two coincide, and to be completely happy requires a consistent and empowering approach to both.”


“As far as what has continued to open up for me,
I must say that would be just about EVERYTHING! I came back very excited and continue to stay that way. People asked me how it went and I was extremely enthused to talk about what I had taken away from the training. I have opened up communication with people and really focus on not only listening to others, but truly hearing what they are saying.

I intend to continue to work to help others see how important open and honest communication is to the core of this company. Only through this value can we continue grow and flourish as a company. I have already had the opportunity to put this to the test in the gossip arena, and feel that it truly worked and helped make the person that was gossiping see that by dealing with the person they were having a challenge with directly, things were taken care of in a much more positive and productive way. I am excited to continue to work at this and feel that I truly will be able to make a difference.”



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