One on One Individualized Coaching

Because of its very personal and specifically designed nature for each individual, people who engage Amba in doing one on one coaching frequently report it is the most powerful developmental work they have ever done. Below are some comments from people who have engaged Amba on a one on one basis to work with them:


“Prior to my work with Amba I was committed to growth, however I didn’t feel as though I had the tools needed to help me achieve my goals. After my first one on one with Amba it became clear the areas that I could develop that would allow me to contribute to our business on a grander scale. In addition, Amba helped me uncover and explore ways well beyond my expertise that have allowed me to grow and develop in such a way that has brought me greater peace in life.

My overwhelming desire to fix all issues and or problems that came my way was a driving passion that at times consumed my being. So much so, there were times I had “left” the conversation and would have 3 different solutions queued up in my mind. After my one on one work with Amba this seems like a long time ago, not that there aren’t times where I must remind myself to listen and stop fixing, but those times are fewer and fewer. I am spending much of my time in the conversation, in the listening with those around me.  It has allowed me greater opportunities to contribute as I am not so consumed by the overwhelming desire to fix, but rather listening and contributing to the now. Working with Amba has taught me the importance of taking time to reflect, which has created freedoms well beyond what I imagined possible.

I have found that at times there is no action needed other than listening. Providing a space for the conversation to occur within the group void of fixes and resolutions. Not everything said must have a solution or action.

My relationships in general have all changed. While I have always come from a place of contributing, there were times I would find myself commanding or domaining the conversation, eager to fix any issue that came my way. It is amazing what you see and hear when you are listening. Creating that space for others is so powerful.

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for Amba. She has opened new possibilities I never imagined to be possible.”


“As a graduate of almost every one of Gale Leadership Development courses, I am intimately familiar with the power of working with Amba to both develop and reinvent myself throughout time. When crossing the threshold of leaving corporate life to start my own business, I partnered with Amba, investing in her individual coaching process.

Now, almost a decade after our work together, I can say without a doubt that my work with Amba was completely foundational for the success of my business, and my professional fulfillment. I would even say that my business was birthed out of our work together – from the name of the firm, to the clarity of the value proposition to our clients, to the business being an extension of myself, rather than separate from myself. My work with Amba enabled me to know what I stood for to my clients and what I didn’t and therefore would say “no” to.

No matter what your circumstance in life, if you are looking for a breakthrough, looking to gain velocity, looking to take yourself or an initiative to another level or realm, I would wholeheartedly endorse Amba’s coaching. The rigor of Amba’s process and her “at-stakeness” for your breakthrough is almost certain to generate an ROI well beyond what you can imagine.

To this day, I continue to engage Amba individually and through her coursework.”


“I have been a long-time participant with Amba Gale for many years. My relationship has primarily been in group settings with people from my current company and with a mix of other individuals outside of our organization. The work groups are very impactful due to the atmosphere Amba creates, which in turn provides a great platform for growth development. I am a great supporter of Amba’s work in this setting.

Recently I was privileged to sit with Amba one on one for a journey into my deep self. I was able to connect with her on a level that only one on one could provide. During my visit, I was able to dive into real influences that shaped my leadership and the “who” I was being. Things from my past that seemed locked away, were surfaced and identified. With her attention to detail, and her heart felt devotion to my success, she allowed the difficult discoveries to develop in a very safe space. This was a large contribution to my development.”


“I have been working with Amba since 2005 when I first participated in The Heart of Leadership. It was only a matter of hours into the course when I realized what Amba provided was far greater, and deeper, than any other leadership development work I had done. Her work is transformative and as I completed her entire course offering I found myself on the threshold of a new place of “being”. What brought me through the threshold was her one on one coaching. It allowed me to revisit and ultimately transform my deep-rooted patterns of behavior. I have become a leader who is fully present, lives in possibility, and is dedicated to contributing to others. I am profoundly grateful to Amba. She is an amazing coach dedicated to transforming lives.”


“I had the opportunity to engage with Amba in one and one coaching over the course of six months at a particularly difficult period in my career. I was deeply committed to my organization and to my colleagues, but my company had gone through a drastic culture change. I was caught in an unhealthy place of building new businesses for a company that no longer inspired me. Little of the issues underlying my discontent were visible to me but through a series of deep conversations with Amba I got to the source of the issue. From there, I was able to rebuild a relationship with my work, my colleagues, and my company based on what is now available and possible. I enjoyed another successful eight years with the company, contributed at a high level, and most importantly, enjoyed my experience.”


“I’ve been fortunate enough to have participated in much of Amba’s work.  One of the more impactful has been the one-on-one coaching.  As with all of Amba’s work, the one-on-one coaching is a deep introspective look into one’s self in behalf of removing any self-imposed roadblocks.  What makes this work different, and gives it such great potential, is the thought and careful consideration Amba puts in to customize this work for the individual.  Throughout this one-on-one work, Amba has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter in a very powerful way.  She continuously challenged me and caused me to challenge my own expectations, which were the sources of my own guilt and frustrations.  By engaging in this work, I’ve rid myself of many burdensome expectations, which now allows me to be fully-present in all areas of my life and with the people who matter.  For anyone who can benefit from this inward deep-dive, I highly recommend Amba’s on-on-one coaching.”



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