Health Professionals in Private Practice

For many years, Gale Leadership Development LLC worked primarily with health professionals in private practice and other professionals in a commitment to enable excellent healers to also create successful businesses. The comments from this group of people always reflected our capacity to work with people, for the most part unschooled in business, to establish success and accomplishment in the business domain.

Here are some of the comments:

“As a result of my work with you, the power of my work with people has increased tremendously. I now give myself permission to make much more of myself and my experience available to people, and I’ve stopped holding back out of various considerations. My work has become more empowering and more focused on commitment. I derive much more satisfaction from work and am happier, so everyone in my personal life has benefited as well. At the material level, my income has virtually doubled. Best of all, I feel that at last I am actually living my commitment to making a difference in this world every day.”


“Since taking your workshop, I have expanded my organization from 6 to 12 staff people working for me, my Reflexology practice and training programs have doubled and so has my income. I have been interviewed and written up in 12 magazines and newspapers and have done 6 TV shows. I have four agents wanting to represent me for the book I’m writing. I have added another part-time location in Park Slope Brooklyn in addition to a New York City location. I have been selected by ‘Who’s Who in America’, and I am now working on creating audio and video tapes about Reflexology.”


“Staff relations and team work improved, cancellations and no-shows were cut by 70%, maintenance enrollment improved from 20% to 80%, patient retention was up, as were referrals. All this while collections were maintained at 100%.

No hype or gimmicks. The result has been a 24% increase in my practice which was at 70% capacity when our work began. I am indebted to Amba Gale who has helped me contribute more of myself to patients who gave 100% of herself at all times. Her work is about being the truth and embodies love and dedication. She is a superb example of what she teaches.”


“When I first started working with Amba Gale I was seeing four clients per week in my private practice as a psychotherapist. After twelve consulting sessions, I was seeing 18-20 clients per week and had tripled my income. In the past year I have maintained my practice consistent with my goals. In no month have I worked less hours than I targeted for.

I consider this work to be the turning point in my career thus far. When I began working with Amba I was practicing psychotherapy with a lot of loose ends & incompleteness from graduate school, doubts about my commitment to the profession, uncertainty about what contribution I had to make in my work, and confusion about basic aspects of running a successful business. At the end of our work together I was both experiencing and expressing a certainty about what I offer people who work with me, and an ability to reliably produce tangible results in my business. This certainty has become a natural part of my self-expression and continues to grow.”


“My results went through the roof.”


“The Leadership training is still expressing itself in my work. I saw the difference between entertaining and training. As the only professional speaker in the program, I was horrified to discover that I was the least able to create a relationships with my audience. The results of this discovery have led to more intimate, satisfying, and effective group work, as well as a real appreciation for my private work plus the quality of the relationship that I want to have with myself.”


“The shift that we created our of your work with our staff was primarily based in letting go of the past and forgiveness. It became easy to forgive when we all discovered exactly who we all are. Once that was handled, there was nothing left to do but produce results. Your expertise in setting up the ‘game’ or framework in which to produce results was invaluable. The value began to manifest itself in the increases in our daily gross income.”


“Since the seminar, I have stopped hiding and keeping a low profile in the world. Today I am excited with the opportunities to make myself and my work known. This is a change from thirty five years of hiding. I now find myself actively seeking events which will further stretch me in my visibility rather than carefully avoiding such activities. I am an asset to my clients in resolving issues of their own visibility.”


“Out of the workshop I got very clear about my purpose in my profession as a health professional being one who serves people in their healing of themselves. Organizationally, I discovered that I was the source of the organization that I had founded and saw where I had been effective and ineffective in recreating the source of the organization and generating alignment within the organization. We are now in the midst of a reorganization that was significantly catalyzed by this work.”


“Since your workshop, in the past four weeks, I have seen over thirty new clients. I am deeply touched and impressed with the honesty, integrity, knowledge, and skillfulness of your work. You helped each person to reach deep inside to perceive truths about themselves and their professional work. You facilitated them in admitting non-judgmentally, their strengths and weaknesses, and to understand at least to some degree why they are holding themselves back from being successful in their professional work. You also helped each person discover love and compassion for themselves as well as their clients and to facilitate an active response to this internal change.”


“I think the biggest effect I’ve seen is that by taking a stand on what my life is about, I myself am much more clear and it has manifested itself in my life to others. It is such a general stand when verbalized but felt so deeply that when I express it to others it gets across to them very clearly. It continues to surprise me. It continues to amaze me. It continues to exhilarate me. The second effect that I’ve noticed is that I am much more on purpose in everything I do. By that I mean there isn’t some of the peripheral confusion in my life that was there before. I don’t know how else to explain it. I am very clear at all times about what I am supposed to be doing next and I get a lot more done. The third thing is that there is a power that emanates from me now a sureness that wasn’t there before. Others feel it, and reflect it back to me. I continue to be surprised, and empowered even further by their reflection.”



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