You are Not Lost

July 6, 2022

You are Not Lost

By Amba Gale

Think upon this: you are not lost.

It may feel that way, at times, with the circumstances of the world swirling about us, as they are, and impinging upon our consciousness, as they do.

However, consider this: You are not lost.

You have only to touch the rare moment of Eternity, of Rest, of no time in time to know That Who You Are is beyond your small sense of yourself, your small sense of the world, and your small sense of being in this particular place at this particular time, in this particular world.

You, however are
Awareness waiting to happen.
Consciousness, on the brink of knowing itself,
Wisdom, delighting in its own Teachings
of Peace,
of Compassion, of Patience, of Simplicity>
of Silence.

As I write this, my husband is in Isle Royale, in Lake Superior National Park, one of the lesser known national parks, and very wild and very beautiful. There, there is no cell phone coverage, no internet, no nada – only the wild outside, wolves and moose and Great Blues and fish, beaver, water and birch trees, firs, and, occasionally the Northern Lights. We go there every year, though this year, I am not joining him, staying at home to be present to matters at hand.

This is a poem I wrote at Isle Royale, a few years ago, when I was gifted with the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights, from the back dock of a cabin we hold dear.

Nature is ALWAYS a welcoming pathway to the Eternal, If we are present.

You are not lost. You don’t ever need to be lost.




By Amba Gale

On a star studded,
vibrant – with – the – breath – of – the – cold
wind night,

I pick my way
down the rocky steps and branches
climbing out of the soil.

I don’t trip, as I am present to those branches
even from their rocky bed, singing to me:
“You can’t stop me from growing.”

I like that song.

It’s wild. It’s authentic. It’s real.

I pick my way,
I stumble my way,
down to the dock,

where the joy in my heart
and the ecstasy of my Being join
the shimmering, dancing,
appearing, then disappearing,

of the pink green white purple
of grandeur
dancing in the night sky,
hiding the stars,
their children,
who dare
to peak out shyly
from behind the skirts of their mother.

Lying on my back,
on the dock,
I disappear
that sea of Glory
of Ecstasy
of Eternality
of Peace
that lives beyond the horizon of time.

I like to think
my own last breath
my own last, final moment,
will be so glorious,
so filled with meaning,
so filled with no regret.

I want live out my days
on this green world
in Peace myself,
in gratefulness,
in utter trust
of this gifts I am given,
the way that life comes to me,
exactly as it does,
in utter surrender
to life,
in Eternal time,
in utter surrender
to each moment,
each precious moment
receiving it
as a gift.

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