Wounded Healer

August 31, 2021

Wounded Healer

By Amba Gale

In David Whyte’s book, Crossing The Unknown Sea, Brother David Steindl-Rast says to him, “The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

What an amazing thought to ponder.

This is a story about wholeheartedness.

In the heart of the forest is a wounded tree.

This tree is located in the magical, mystical forest of Glenstal Abbey, in County Limerick, Ireland, and we were led there by one of the Benedictine monks, Brother Anthony, who guarded the forest with his love.

The tree was a total surprise. My husband and I were journeying with Turas D’Anam, which in Irish, means “Journey of the Soul,” in 2018, on a one-week retreat. We were a gathering of deeply interested pilgrims, relishing our time, as we moved quietly through the forest, thick with the lush richness of life, when we came upon this tree. 

This huge, strong, tall trunk of Courage had been cracked open one day by a lightning bolt, which split the tree in half, down to its very core.

Still, it stands, like an unimaginable miracle, its branches strong, uplifted to the sky, celebrating, wholeheartedly, in exhilaration and praise, the miracle of life.

Were we to carry our own wounds in just this way, exposing them to the kind visibility of others, rather than hiding them, perhaps we, too, could stand in ecstasy, and in celebration of the Life we carry, including our wounds. 

Our wounds bring us to compassion and to realizing our beautiful, perfect imperfection.

I was, in a certain kind of way, healed that day, knowing I too, could expose myself to the world, trusting in the life inside me, raising my own arms up, up, up, to the sky.

Owen ÓSúilleabháin, one of the leaders of Turas D’Anam, and I, with great heart, invite you to engage with us in stepping into a healing for yourself during this most challenging time, and an exploration into, discovery, and embodiment of meeting your inner healer and creative wisdom guide, and adventuring into life in celebration. 

Our four-session online course, Crossing Thresholds, a Conversational Bridge to Your Next Opening, filled with magic and music of poetry, sharing, and uplifting conversation, begins September 21.

For the wholehearted, inner adventurer in you!  



Wounded Healer

By Amba Gale

The Universe
took one Great Breath
and cracked you open

Exposing your Heart
for all to see.

And you raised your Great Arms
in celebration of your woundedness,
Up, up to the sky.


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