What is it not time for?

November 21, 2022

What is it not time for?

By Amba Gale

In a recent posting, I invited us to entertain what it’s time for.

In this one, I am asking a new question: what is it not time for?

Which begs the question, as well, what is time for?

What it’s not time for is avoiding, hardening our hearts to, the sadness, the woundedness, the broken heartedness, the grief.

What it’s not time for, is to retreat into resignation, to not be willing to experience the joy, as well,  to insist in living in my old story…. being on automatic, following, with no awareness,  my old habitual patterns, living out of the past, not recognizing how much that past is coloring the present.

What it’s not time for is following in someone else’s path, especially when we cannot hear our own voice in it, even though it sounds great, is the right thing to do, or has produced what is called “success” for others.

What it’s not time for is dwelling in conversations that lead to divisiveness. We have enough of that already in our own egos.

We human beings live in conversation.

When we live in a conversation of negativity, we become negative.

When we live in possibility (and that takes intention and creation), possibilities open.

That may seem obvious.  It’s not.

And, “knowing this” is quite different from “living this.”

It is not time for not being aware of, noticing, observing, and, even, questioning the conversation I am being.

The winds are shifting, rapidly, and all around me, and if I ignore their shifts, out of habit or safety or simply being asleep, and take action from who I was yesterday, I could, easily, drown.

It takes being awake, aware, to create, to find the path that is my own.

When we become aware of our minds, our emotions, our thought patterns, our habits, and our expectations, instead of identifying with them, we enter the Great Intelligence of the Universe. 

I can live in that peace.

You could consider us all Pilgrims now, stepping ever forward from our core, from our Originality, into this new world, and shape the world we want to live in, standing for a future we are committed to.

Or, as Antonio Machado, the great Spanish poet said,

Pathmaker, pathmaker,

There is no path.

You make the path by walking.

My own Inner Guide (who happens to be a Muse) stole a page from that great poem, with one that came through me one morning a few weeks ago.



By Amba Gale

are an explorer,
a path maker,
a step – by – step walker.

No one
on the entire planet
can draw your map for you.

on the entire planet
bows to internal and external demands
and does so willingly or unwillingly.

to embrace those demands
in a welcoming way,
or not accept the demands at all.

If this cannot be done, we sacrifice our integrity.

Take your pick:
Victim or Author–
the choice is yours.

not plan too much,
nor get attached to their plans.

Instead, they listen,
and then they walk
to the beat of their own music,
the harmonies of their own song,
the rhythms of their own drum,
in a dance with other humans Being
and the elemental forces around them,
inspiring everyone whom they touch.

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