Trusting Life

September 26, 2023

Trusting Life

By Amba Gale

I have been thinking about trust of late.

I have recently been confused with all the possibilities bounding toward me each day, and I have come to discover myself somewhat overwhelmed by them all, difficult to decipher what to act upon through the strategic mind.

Being committed to living with inner peace, I started thinking about trust, as I remember that trust is the source of peace and that without trust, there is no peace. That knowledge living in my memory is nothing. That knowledge lived, inhabited, is everything.

So, I have been thinking about trust.

Brother David Steindl-Rast calls trust “the bliss of certainty.”

Now, THAT is worth thinking about!

That phrase sticks to me, begging to be examined by my heart and inhabited, as we know that the only certainty there is uncertainty, the only permanence in life is impermanence, and that while there are certain things we can control, the world is going to take whatever course it does, whether we lay our “sticky fingers” on it, or not.

So, how do I come to trust?

Automatically, reactively, I don’t. If I allow my reactions to trigger me, I can only go the route of resisting, denying, ignoring, fixing, protesting, complaining, and railing against.

Trust on the other hand is quiet. It allows for a ground to stand on which is whole and complete. Trust is a surrender to whatever is. It is a letting go, and by my conscious say-so, my speaking my declaration, saying “I trust.” I hold whatever is given me as a gift, as a guide, as a partner, as a friend to my own evolution, having faith that for my particular journey in this particular lifetime, I am being given exactly what I need.

Coming into this “bliss of certainty,” I am free.

I am at peace.

The following is a poem I wrote pointing to the space of trust that opens when people take The Joy of Being. There, we address the question, “What brings you alive?” in such a way that you live your life out of what brings you alive. 

Let me not be hesitant in inviting you to read the material and see if it attracts you.

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