The Joy of Serving

April 11, 2023

The Joy of Serving

By Amba Gale

– Photo taken by Mariel Gale

Being in the Space of
and holder of the space of
and carver of the space for
is not an easy thing
nor a light thing
nor an un-rigorous thing.
It is not casual, but causal,
not serendipitous, but intentional,
not wobbly, but Fierce.

It demands Total Wholeheartedness, and Courage.

The archer
shoots the arrow with her bow
and hits the target
every time.

There is no prescription.

We must be fluid, and dance with the conversation as it unfolds.

This is a wonder.

What is it
to bring forth such Loving Givingness
time after time after time?

Evolution is a by-product of such service.
New Paths Revealed are a by-product of such service.
Being profoundly blessed is a by-product of such service.

Joy is a by-product of such service.

I am as served as those I have served.

What is it to give my Life
to the life of another?
To be present at the Birth of a new Being?

Is This not a privilege and a Blessing?

When you think of the Target being a healing of the past,
the awakening of another’s Life,
the possibility of Profound, Ongoing Connection,
of a Planet’s Purpose fulfilled,
the Awakening of a critical level of Consciousness,
out ever burgeoning realization of intimacy with all things,
we are willing, well,
to go through any hoops
to suffer any pains,
to have the privilege
of being present to such Beauty
and such Grace
and such Wisdom
that reveals itself
in transformation.

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