The Healing

November 24, 2021

The Healing

By Amba Gale

ever so slowly,
one by one,
they opened.

Heart by heart,
they spoke.

Story by simple story,
they let us in
to the truth of lives
lost and gained.

With each speaking, a shedding.

With each speaking, a new heart opened
like a rose petal in the spring sunlight,
little by little
coming out of winter
little by little
coming out of the grief
little by little
coming into the peace.

Even those who never cry,
having bowed to fear as their god,
shared with us their wounds, exposing their heart for all to see.

As the Silence of Listening grew deeper
and the depth of the love grew larger
and the richness of the human soul
brought its roots out of the earth,
buried for so long,
got more real.

We grew to know one another
and ourselves
in ways that are way too rare
in these days of division.

“Sharing is the gateway to connection.”
a young man said,
a man who has been private and closed before.

And Humanity was born.

There–right there–
in a room full of masked faces
where people took off their masks,
even while leaving the physical ones on.

We came to know
the immense opportunity
of shedding our protections
and, in that shedding, finding
we are safe already.
We are, already, loved.

We came to know
that love that lies
beneath all lives.

We came to know
the beauty of the human spirit,
the courage of the human heart
the wisdom of the Greater Mind
the Generosity of the Bountiful Spirit.

We came to be at One.

Additional Poetry

November 9, 2021

Happy Isles

Your beloved Merced embraces you in its arms, singing its happiness. Just your name brings back to hear and thought the delightful pleasure of hearing your voice laughing for the very first time Just as your river flows and dances, gurgles, and prances, around, above and under Great Boulders that give you your voice, like white horse mains leaping, flying, cavorting over the hills, Just like that‑ Like the bubbles and whirlpools, white water falls and rushing speeding non‑stop racing my heart, too, races my ears open to your sounds of singing and all my senses awaken to your Voice.…

October 26, 2021

Who Have You Become?

Somewhere in the fall of this second year still in the passage still in the migration still moving into Stillness still not hearing the future, we nourish our spirit. The ghosts of what might have been are leaving now, to plague us no longer with their voices and their “coulda, woulda, shoulda” charms, and drop photos in our minds which leave us with regrets. Let their bony fingers wave goodbye to this time of grieving for what might have been. Time, instead, for new words: Accept. Embrace. Surrender. Create. Choose. Trust. We can look newly at the sea the sun…

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