Thank You

January 2, 2024

Thank You

By Amba Gale

As we open the new page, create completion, which makes room for new beginnings for 2024, I take a moment to THANK YOU for opening your ears and being an open receiver of my words these last few years.

As my intention and commitment is to serve, to awaken consciousness, to be a clear channel, and to make the biggest difference I can make through whatever venue I work inside of, I THANK YOU for your engagement.  Your openness, your setting aside time to think upon what I have said, and your Presence mean so much to me.

I thank you

for your deep listening
for your attention
for letting in my words

and, frequently for your personal response, personal notes, in response to what words have come through me.

They mean, and have meant, so much to me.

And, whether you have sent me a note personally, may the work we have been privileged to have done together be the match which lights the flame of bright light in the world, kindles creativity, awakens awareness, and gives Presence to Gratefulness, which we bring to all our opportunities that life presents us with, one, by one by one.

I hold this as a time of profound transformation for each of us, for our careers and businesses, and for the planet. From the darkness comes the light….

Another way of saying this: it’s a good time to embrace the opportunities coming our way, even though many things in the world may feel dark, on behalf of our Soul’s evolution and humanity’s evolution as we reorient, reimagine, and transform.  They are all gifts. 

On the morning of the winter solstice, this poem came through, which I thought I would share with you.

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