Take Your First Brave Step

October 31, 2023

Take Your First Brave Step

By Amba Gale

The world recovers
from its long illness
haltingly, at best.

The waves of shortages
of starts and stops
are like the shifting sands of a sand dune hill
I attempted to climb
earlier this year.

The Saharan desert beckoned with its beauty.

A lone person standing.
on a dune, faced east, toward the afternoon light.

We dismounted from our camels
at the behest of our Berber guides
who beckoned us to climb that dune.

The tide seemed against me;
three quick runs forward,
and down I slid again.

We are just beginning to see
that there is no turning back,
a turning back to “normal.”

So let’s you and I not go there anymore.

The world outside can be
rough business.

only, only,
allow yourself
to go deep inward
to that place inside where you can slide into Silence<
where you can rest in the stillness
where you can hear your own spirit call you
>by your one true name,
where you can forge a Voice – your Voice—
that unique, individual voice<
where you are totally your Self and totally One with All—
and from there,
carve a future of your own making,
unmaking all the other futures
to which you don’t belong.

Create the life that you would love to lead!

And, like Indiana Jones, in Temple of Doom, take your first brave step into the
and let the path
reveal itself to you
with all its wonders.

Step out
from this marriage to your source
with the new vows that you have made.

In “A Summer’s Day,” Mary Oliver asks,
“What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?”

That is, indeed, the question.

If you are interested in exploring that question in a sacred and profound space,
live, and in community, check this out.

I invite you to join us, and to join your Self
In a conversation I call “The Joy of Being.”

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