September 26, 2023


By Amba Gale

Let go
and love the way
the world turns.

Be with it.
Allow it.
Notice it.
Even, embrace it.

When you rail against it,
you become part of the same energy
that stopped
the flow at the beginning.

Be the
holder of it.
that it, too, has a destination
to, finally,
merge as one with all.

Listen deeply
to your heart inside
and those things
you know are anciently true.

Trust in
your essential wisdom
to lead the way.

The world is in flux.
You will find your way.
“All things must pass.”

Let them go.

May I be
an opening
for the dynamic flow
of the universe.

Additional Poetry

November 28, 2023

Reflective Journaling

Give yourself this gift to feed your Soul: Writing time where writing can lead to your own deep and hidden thoughts. Let them come to you unbidden and find you as your words take shape on page. Step aside your critic. Let your intuition speak from the silent corners of your heart, transporting you to somewhere new, somewhere you have never been before. Open a new door: You are hungry for your words. Allow yourself to be romanced by something larger than yourself. That’s what we’re all here for.

October 31, 2023

Take Your First Brave Step

The world recovers from its long illness haltingly, at best. The waves of shortages of starts and stops are like the shifting sands of a sand dune hill I attempted to climb Morocco earlier this year. The Saharan desert beckoned with its beauty. A lone person standing. on a dune, faced east, toward the afternoon light. We dismounted from our camels at the behest of our Berber guides who beckoned us to climb that dune. The tide seemed against me; three quick runs forward, and down I slid again. We are just beginning to see that there is no turning…

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