September 27, 2021


By Amba Gale

Hello, Great Blue!

You, who walk so stealthily,
so faithfully,
so gracefully,
so quietly,
on your long, lanky, legs,

looking, waiting for
your first, tasty
morsel from the sea,
yellowing sea.

Good morning, Great Blue,
Long Necked Warrior
of the Morning birds,
you, who work so attentively
keen for your morning fish.
looking outwards toward the rising, brightening, sun.

Do you watch
for the sun to rise?
Are you single pointedly
moving towards the exact place
where the fish meet your beak?

This is the way
I want to awaken each day,
saying hello to the wild
world before me,
immersing myself in its splendor.

Witnessing you,
in your patience:
this is how I learn
to be patient myself.

My I be so patient as you
who wait for that
which is yours
to come to you
of its own accord.


I don’t need to control anything!

Are you making yourself
for the delivery
from the oncoming sea?

Am I?


Additional Poetry

October 12, 2021


“Pick up your pen and write,” she says,  that wise and ancient Voice: the devoted Muse, speaking to me in the grey morning, white  ball of sun  in the sky, in the water, below. Below, where the surface conversation has long since disappeared, I ask a private question: “Of what shall I write?” “Anything you hear in the deep well of your own heart.” “Write about the loon mourning the days away. Write about the turtle who belongs   in the pond among the lilies. Write about a world of wonders. Write about me, who will always encourage    you to find…

September 15, 2021

Sailing Effortlessly into Silence

On the porch now. I drink my morning healing tea. The aroma and warmth make my body feel good, like I am meant to be here. It is always good to know that I am meant to be where I am. The sailboat, with its white, full sail glides soundlessly, effortlessly, past the island nearby, wind at its tail. I glide effortlessly into no time. There, I find my Inner guide, speaking a blessing: May the divine wind lift my sails of trust, May I intuit and attune, allowing the breeze to carry me effortlessly home, knowing that I am…

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