Living in Waiting

August 30, 2022

Living in Waiting

By Amba Gale

Do you have the patience to wait
Until the dust settles and the water is clear?
— Lao Tzu, Tao Ching

The water is not yet clear.
The dust has not yet settled.

The changes are happening so rapidly, we must meet them with an open heart, with curiosity, and with a generous mind, a mind that lives beyond the borders of right and wrong, a mind that is willing to postpone all judgment, all expectations.

Only here can I find peace, and a waiting that presages new futures founded in what “wants to happen.”

As difficult as it might be, this is my work now.

Being true to myself, my care of the universe lies in living in waiting until the dust settles and the water is clear. From there my soul’s purpose, your soul’s purpose, has a pathway for being fulfilled.

In times of challenge, uneven roads, and rough passages, I often find it heartening to turn to one of the revered Hind deities. In my home, a small, bronze statue of Durga on her lion sits across from my writing chair. Durga is a goddess associated with protection, strength, motherhood, destruction and wars. She combats evil forces that threaten peace.

One particular morning, last week, Durga had something to say. The following poem came through when I opened to her energy.


Durga Speaks

By Amba Gale

Be fearless
as you ride the lion of your heart.

Be still
as you wait.
Your future will unfold,
just as it does.

Go beyond
the field
of right and wrong
as you witness
each new event appearing before you.

Your daughter will be fine.
She knows her heart
and her way will unwind
for the teaching.

Do not go
down the road
that disappears
into the dark woods.

Stay with the bird you see,
flitting from branch to branch, joyful.

Be free.

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