Listening for your Wisdom Speaking

November 28, 2023

Listening for your Wisdom Speaking

By Amba Gale

I am going to say something which your mind might argue with, and yet in the over forty years I have been working with people, I have never found this NOT to be the case.

YOU are profoundly wise. 

The key is to tap into that wisdom. It lies beneath the surface. And you have to get silent enough to connect and hear your own Wisdom Speaking. 

A friend of mine, Cheryl Lafferty Eckl, a dear and inspiriting friend, an author whom I met on “Turas D’Anam,” or “Journey of the Soul” in Ireland, wrote a book called Being Your True Self in Any Situation. In it, she says, “The process is rather like increasing bandwidth from an Internet Service Provider, upgrading a cell phone or acquiring a more sensitive tuner for a radio. What we are wanting to do here is clear our internal channels for better reception of the higher frequencies of inner guidance.”

In the introduction to my book, Crossing Thresholds, Island Reflections, 

I write—

“I had a good teacher once, a philosopher, who used to say, ‘You don’t know what you think until you speak it or write it.” This is unusual for most of us, as we think we are merely reporting the words that are parroted to us by our brains. But, no! Perhaps there is another way of thinking, a way in which, when you go deep within, words come to you, and you write what they say, and what they say speaks to you, teaches you, and even transforms you. You listen, and they guide.”

And then you can be surprised by, enlivened by, and grow from the words containing wisdom and guidance as they come your way. They may shift your perspective. They may open new possibilities. They may provide an insight which you would like to take action on. The inner guide is also very practical.

So this Intuitive self, poetic self, wisdom self, if you listen, will lead you into the transformations in front of you that are yours to have, will guide your own spirit, through the insights you receive, into the path that is yours, the path that contains a sense of freedom and joy.  

 This wise self guides you through Love.  

This is much like the sacred, robust, revealing insightful, and surprising inspiring conversation of tapping into Love that The Joy of Being opens for us.

After you read the poem on Reflective Journaling, I invite you to stop, meditate, drop down deep, into the Silence, and ask for your inner wisdom to speak to you. Allow yourself to be surprised, and guided, by what comes through your pen.

And, indeed, as a fourth prompt, if it “calls to  you,”  take some time with the question, What does it mean to you to be “romanced by something larger than yourself?” When have you allowed yourself to be “romanced” in that way?”  What did doing so open up for you? 

Think upon this, contemplate, reflect upon this, journal on this theme. Open yourself to the notion of it, and see what this expansion opens for you.

I invite you, as I say in the poem, to “feed your soul.”

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