Imagine Yourself

July 19, 2022

Imagine Yourself

By Amba Gale

Imagine yourself a leaf,
    being carried by the river.
        There, you will know Peace.

Imagine yourself a feather
    being danced by the wind that carries.
        There you will know Joy.

Imagine yourself a lake,
    rained on by the clouds
        There, you will know Fullness.

Imagine yourself a stream,
    being a bed for the salmon.
        There you will know Birth and Death.

Imagine yourself an ear,
    listening to another’s heart.
        There, you will meet Compassion.

Imagine yourself a heron,
    fishing the abundant water.
        There, you will be Patience.

Imagine yourself as a poet,
    facing the blank, white page.
        There, you will find Simplicity.

Additional Poetry

September 26, 2022

Let the Path Come to you

Let the Path come to you. It will, you know. You do not have to seek it or strive for it or work for it, or exhaust yourself, or push yourself or another. You just have to find what you love in the inner heart of your heart and follow that path. Like the Great blue who, simply, stretches his great wings and becomes a straight arrow – long feathered tail – long neck long beak everything aligned, one with another, flying northwards towards his next home, compass set. Purposeful. Great wings move body gently effortlessly uplifted easily by the…

September 12, 2022

The Absence of Striving

Perhaps,after all,there is nothing to do but be, to drop inside, deep inside, and merge with what gives me peace. Perhaps,the path is to facethe sacred momentsgranted to meone by one by one by one by oneby the ever Living, ever Giving, Stream of Grace. Perhapsall this building outsidehas outrun its course.and my work is simple. What is mine will come to me of its own accord. “Patience,” counsels the inner voice. “Find your purpose in ‘Wait.’ Walk inside, where you can merge with the Great Blue Heron who waits patiently.” This absence of strivingbrings meto a bed of Deep…

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