Crossing Thresholds:
 A New Opening
Drop Down Deep

December 2, 2020

Crossing Thresholds:
 A New Opening
Drop Down Deep

By Amba Gale

“The antidote to exhaustion is not rest,”

Brother David tells David Whyte, in the book,

Crossing the Unknown Sea. “The antidote to exhaustion is

not rest,” David repeats woodenly. “What is it then?”

And then, Brother David says one of the wisest

things I have ever heard him say: “The antidote to

exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY INVITE YOU to wholeheartedly devote yourself to gifting yourself with making a surprising, enriching, Life Giving, Enlightening, Awakening, personal threshold crossing, one that lights up your life, in the first part of 2021 through a choice of two virtual, fully community-based conversations.

While our whole planet is moving across this threshold, shaping and re-shaping as we go, who we are in the face of all the events on our planet has everything, and I do mean everything, to do with the Light, the Love, and the Service, we can bring to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

As I say in the Author’s Note, to my book Crossing Thresholds, Island Reflections,

“What emerges from this time of re-set is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, if we listen, even here, in this time of uncertainty, in this time of feeling that we have no control, in this time of darkness and challenge, we can create community in new ways, we can find love in new ways, and beauty, and joy and laughter, and kindness. We can find completion here, peace, and healing. Asking ‘What is the opportunity of this time – for each of us personally, for humanity, for our relationship with one another, for our relationship with the planet?’ – is a good question.”

“May this book be a voice that sends out waves of healing into our troubled land, a land and people asking to be whole, to be healed.”

“Let us do so. Let us create community in new ways, find love in new ways, and beauty, and joy, and laughter, and kindness, and completion, and peace, and healing.”

The offering of these two courses, in the first months of 2021, is intended to do just that – create community in new ways, find love in new ways, and beauty, and joy, and laughter, and kindness, and completion, and peace, and healing.

Crossing Thresholds, a New Opening is a conversation where we will meet, and drop down deep, through community, in the poetry of the soul, on behalf of spiriting ourselves across a personal threshold crossing of our own choosing. You can read the promises of that course, the methodology, the format, and what people who participated in the pilot said about their experience here. Having led another course, The Joy of Being, following my first pilot of Crossing Thresholds, I could see that by expanding the time we had together, and the time between the sessions, the depth of community, sharing and contributing to one another through the wisdom of community could be exponentially enhanced through a re-design of the format. I am very excited about our next offering of this ever deepening conversation for you creating a present and a future that is life giving, fulfilling, and heart expanding.

The second offering is The Joy of Being. Our recent offering of this conversation, which was in November, 2020, through Zoom technology, allowed for a depth and authenticity which surprised me. That we are able to offer this work, with the quality of vulnerability, openness, and wisdom, that was present for us all, through Zoom, and have the accomplishment in people’s lives be so fulfilling, is quite extraordinary.

Four people, in October and November of 2020 participated in both conversations. They found that Crossing Thresholds, a New Opening, became, for them, a powerful, invitational, potent “runway” for The Joy of Being. You can read their comments about that below. If you, yourself, would like to avail yourself of that opportunity, if you who choose to register for both conversations at the same time, I am happy to grant you a $200 scholarship. We are also creating an opportunity for you to combine the course or courses with one-on-one coaching, for an even deeper, full immersion for yourself into your journey.

I would love for you to join me in either or both of these powerful conversations, and in empowering you early next year as we move across into 2021, and the many thresholds that are yet being offered to us, some required of us, at this unique and unprecedented time in our lives.


What people who participated in both Crossing Thresholds and Joy of Being have said:

Crossing Thresholds tilled my soil, so to speak. Like a master gardener’s tools, Amba’s words loosened up parts of me that had been compacted and hardened by the weight of the world, transforming what was root-bound into humus, allowing air and light in to create a fertile environment for germination and growth. During the weeks between the two courses, I planted the seed that would, during Joy of Being, be coaxed into new life, rising toward the sun, leaves unfurling and buds blossoming, so that my Being may bear fruit that nourishes others.

Sue Transeaux


Crossing Thresholds was a surprising journey, deep into the heart of my soul, opening up places that I had not accessed for a long time, (like a did when I would lie alone in the mustard fields in California as a kid, and star at the clouds, being in wonderment allowing the still voices in me to be heard). I entered a place that was the “right” threshold for me to cross. It was like my whole being opened up to awe, wonderment and peace for what was to unfold as my threshold around the area of Belonging. In the Joy of being, I found myself dropping in even deeper and words just came to me like a poet, opening the pathway for my “in the world” expression, my particular and peculiar calling. It is hard to put into words how both courses were such a beautiful progression of learning how to drop down deep, and then deeper to access that sacred place, in such a safe and loving environment.

Jan Smith


The Crossing Thresholds course is a critical development step for anyone who is in the midst of a change or contemplating one, whether or not that contemplation is occurring with excitement or with trepidation. In my case, I was working within all of these dimensions simultaneously and the course served as an essential anchor, a way of stopping my ruminations to look, realistically, at what was before me.

Change is not a simple process of moving from this to that. As such, my threshold crossings represented a period of transition that required many layers of work: letting go, examining my commitment, and then finally creating the new possibility. I was fortunate to be able to enroll in Amba’s course The Joy of Being immediately after completing Crossing Thresholds. This magical combination allowed me to clearly define what’s next, and the life I wish to lead.

Andrea Chilcote


When I signed up for Crossing Thresholds, the Threshold I thought I wanted to cross was to begin to write more freely and to make a lifestyle shift that will allow me to finish my first book. During the first session, I realized that cultivating longing is what was and is, truly, before me. I realized that my threshold felt flat, and like it would remain dormant unless I allowed that longing to come to life. I started a daily writing practice and unintentionally wrote my first poem in more than 20 years. I began to understand that my longing is for presence. The presence that is required to suffer greatly and still feel joy. To walk a hard road and still discover beauty there. Several months into the pandemic when so many people were dying alone, I felt like my physical body disappeared completely in the immensity of the grief of the whole world. It is very hard to stay present for unbearable pain. But, just like that moment that the sun is seemingly squeezed through the crack between land and sky to make day- that is what is required. This is what I long for. Presence. To laugh and love and be. To be in sync enough with time to notice what people need in each moment. To have the courage to not be skipping ahead or worrying about the past. There will be no journey if I am not “there” enough to take it. Some moments began to yawn open before me and I could almost literally feel a burden start to lift. It is not just about processing emotions and then choosing how we perceive and then conceive of each moment- it is about having the courage to let those emotions go to work on our souls. If I know my tears turn to stars, I can cry for the whole world and be a part of the light. Moment to moment. Thank you Amba, for doing what you do, for striking your gift against the needs of the world and helping light the way for so many!

Jen Verharen

I deeply look forward to engaging with you in either or both of these powerful conversations, and in empowering you next year as we move across the many thresholds that are being offered to us, some required of us, at this unique and unprecedented time in our lives.


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