Comparison is The Devil’s Game

August 2, 2022

Comparison is The Devil’s Game

By Amba Gale

For years I tried to be someone I was not.

Then, a crisis, and then I worked, I prayed, I went in deep
into my heart.
I met teachers, and met
The Teacher in myself.

I opened to Mystery,
sought and called forth Source,
and found
that Spirit moves through me,
through us all.

I wrought a work of Giving
and became generous, honed, still,
fashioned myself
to serve, through time.

The more I grew
the more I learned
to be humble,
and to be at peace.

“I am still learning,” says the Artist from the
Ancient Well of Spirit
where the Life of his Sistine Ceiling
lights the spark of Divinity
in us all.

And, when the book was born,
and came into the world,
a product of my journeying,
a guidance ‘cross my threshold crossing,
the pandemic came,
and I forgot.

Once the book was born,
I thought I should be someone else,
someone who
was more influential than me
knew more than me
was more successful than
knew how to play the game better
than me.

Someone who was not me.

Comparison is the devil’s game.

For months I brewed
a storm of my own making
while the world raged in a pandemic, outside.

Then, I stopped.

Realized I was suffering.

Committed to end the suffering.

Found my Self in celebration,
re-membered and settled into who I am:
Spirit moving through me into the World.

And the book
serves, as it does,
my life,
the life of others,
and the Work.

And who I am,
and what I am
moves into this day
approaches the world,
moves through the world

with intention and with blessing and with peace.

Teddy said
“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I like that.

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