Let the Path Come to You

September 26, 2022

Let the Path Come to You

By Amba Gale

‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’
–Howard Thurman

I love this quote, by Howard Thurman.

I love it so much, I created an entire course out of it, a course called “The Joy of Being, Designing your Life.”

The phrase, “The joy of being,” is a phrase that jumped out to me, right into my heart, as I read “The Good Earth” by Eckart Tolle, another wonderful master whose good work has served me so well, in behalf of living in the Present moment of awareness.

There are so many beautiful, empowering, wise teachers on the planet right now, all making themselves accessible through the wonders of their writing, and the recent proliferation of virtual technology and their courses, talks, and conferences.

Reading their words, and their Good Work, my heart sings. I have been vastly contributed to by so many in the last two years.

So yes: What brings you alive? Once you hone in on your Core, that special Essence of your own magic, you can build a life out of that, infuse all the domains of your activities with that “thread,” as William Stafford call it, as it runs through your life, like a pointer, or a north star, guiding you on your way.

Once we “marry” the essence of our core, we have a rudder, and, to continue with the sailing metaphor, if we also attend to the “turn of the tide” and “feel the angle of our sails,” as we move through life, as David White suggests in his brilliant book, “Crossing the Unknown Sea,” we become a “responsive and responsible” captain of our own ship, as we (effortlessly, with exhilaration) “speed toward our destination.”

In her book, “I will not live an Unlived Life,” Dawna Markova reveals many different and beautiful pathways toward discerning that end, as does Parker Palmer’s in his book, “Let Your Life Speak.”

As a Heart of Leadership graduate, you are welcome to participate in our next offering of The Joy of Being.

May the path come to you.


Let the Path Come to you

By Amba Gale

Let the Path come to you.

It will, you know.
You do not have to seek it
or strive for it
or work for it,
or exhaust yourself,
or push yourself or another.

You just
have to find
what you love
in the inner heart of your heart
and follow that path.

Like the Great blue
who, simply, stretches his great wings
and becomes a straight arrow –
long feathered tail –
long neck
long beak
everything aligned,
one with another,
flying northwards
towards his next home,
compass set.


Great wings move body
uplifted easily by the Spirit Wind raising
the wings
singing ever so gently in the invisible air.

All You need to follow,
all you need to hear,
is your path to being

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