Crossing Thresholds: A New Opening Discounted

Crossing Thresholds: A New Opening

September 26, October 3, 10, 2020
10:00am – 11:30 am Pacific Time

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In a time when we have been advised not to touch one another, let us “touch” one another. Let us brighten our own lights during this time, in behalf of ourselves, our families, our communities, and all those we love, in a dedicated way, through the miracle of technology, and the deep distinctions inherent in crossing thresholds well. Let us open up to what Celtic poet/philosopher John O’ Donohue calls “the real pastures” for ourselves through being with the poetry, our own poetic voices, our lives, and one another, in conversation as we explore and lean into what it takes to cross a threshold well.

Crossing Thresholds, A New Opening, is a three-week course, taking place over three Saturdays in the Fall, where I will meet with you, and we create together the conversations that arise as an opening from the poetry in my new book, Crossing Thresholds, Island Reflections, for one and a half hours each Saturday, September 26, and October 3, and October 10. The program is for people who are interested in the purposes of the course and are willing to dedicate three Saturdays in a row, with work in between the sessions, of reading, writing, spending time in dialogue with a partner, and returning to community and conversation each Saturday for deepening their own work, and opening up the next passage, as we cross our own internal thresholds.

In a time when external travel is limited, it has expanded for the inner traveler.

As one of the reviewers of the book on Amazon says, “This is not a self-help 10 steps” book, or conversation. This is not for fixing anything. Rather, this is a conversation for the Explorer, the Adventurer, the Curious, the Serious traveler, who is interested in and committed to traveling an inner journey and dedicating three weeks in a row to developing some serious muscle for handling and moving through whatever personal threshold crossings are ours to make, during this collective, communal, global threshold crossing time.


  1. You distinguish, and then cross, a particular threshold that is yours to make.
  2. You cultivate a sense of acceptance for, and opportunity in, the current circumstances of your life.
  3. You open up space to move from “victim” to “chooser” regarding the current pandemic in which we find ourselves.
  4. You have a new opening for being present to, and have space for, the strong emotions that may be coming up for you, like fear, anxiety, worry, sorrow – whatever they are, that are showing up during these times
  5. You have a deepened ability for listening to your intuition, wisdom, and Self- expression speaking. You begin to hear your own, creative voice.


The tuition for the program is $395.00. With a $100 scholarship, the tuition for a launch team participant, a graduate retreat participant, a current Leading Groups Effective participant, and a current The Joy of Being participant, is $295.00.

This is a special, introductory price for the pilot of this course

Registration is Now Closed


Yes. I have found that the power in the work that I engage with others is directly related to the extent to which people are “at stake” and committed to a personal breakthrough. The quality of the virtual conversation is deeply connected to a certain foundation of everyone’s participation.

To “qualify” for being in this first, virtual three – session course,

  1. You do not need to have engaged in any other work with me prior to registering.
  2. The purposes of the Crossing Thresholds course, interest you, engage you.
  3. You are willing to generate the quality and culture of the call through following certain etiquette for being on a Zoom conversation, which you will receive upon registering. Examples are:
    • You stay with the one conversation the entire time; you promise not to multi-task, or do anything else other than be in the conversation.
      e.g. you give the screen the same courtesy and respect if you were you in a room with me and others.
    • You are willing to participate in paired and small group sharing, e.g., break out rooms, where you will have an opportunity to create an authentic connection with others through guided questions.
    • You have the book in front of you as your text book for the course (the link for buying the book is https://galeleadership.com/book/buy-now/)
    • If you are missing a session, (and yes, you can miss a session), you promise to watch the recording of that session prior to the next meeting, as this is an unfolding and ongoing conversation, and you will be engaging with others. If you are missing a session, please let me know in advance.
    • You are committed to engaging in work between sessions, in reading the poetry of your choice, engaging with some of the reflections, possibly in dialogue with others or another in the course.
    • We are offering an optional 15-minute session from 11:30 to 11:45 AM PDT each Saturday of the course for those of you who would like to stay on to share and listen to insights, revelations, and experiences that people on the call are having, to ask any questions you may have, and to share any input regarding how I might make the zoom meeting more powerful for you as we move along.

Please note:

  1. As it can take up to two weeks to receive the book, if you do not already own it, we suggest you register at the latest by September 19, so that you can have the book with you as we work together.
  2. While each Saturday session will end at 11:30, as this is a pilot, I will be extending, as optional, the time by fifteen minutes, in behalf of making more room for sharing in the larger group insights, revelations, experience of the session, giving me feedback and suggestions for working powerfully online, and asking me questions.

I invite you to view the virtual launch of the book through this link, if you would like to do so. I also heartily invite you to join me in this conversation.

Here is the link: https://galeleadership.com/virtual-launch-video/

Password: Thresholds2


Please use this link to read the endorsements, https://galeleadership.com/book/endorsements and/or go to the Amazon page https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734694114#customerReviews to read the reviews.


“Participating in one of Amba’s classes is unlike any other experience I have had in the past. Her intuitive ability to understand others creates a safe space for people to share who they are and allows for an atmosphere of honesty, respect and appreciation…which we can all use more of in our lives.

We started working with Amba back in 1996, and her programs have made a lasting impact on our company and for those who have attended. She brings out the best in people by creating an atmosphere of openness, respect, and appreciation. I would recommend The Heart of Leadership to anyone seeking a more purposeful life both personally and professionally.”

Larry Nakata, CEO, Town and Country Markets

“Amba has a gift that is rare in my experience though I have taken many courses, seminars, workshops and conferences – especially during my Human Resources years when I was seeking things for my company as well as for my own personal development. She is able to take a body of information that, while not necessarily a brand new topic to you, is presented in such a way that you have a whole new level of listening, ownership, and genuine learning that truly inspires you to design action plans to make positive changes in your own life. It is equally applicable to personal life and professional life, and people define their own purpose in taking the course in advance and are free to work in the area where they will find the most benefit. For me that area changed after I opened up to the new pathways for deeply exploring my own personal inventory, but that was an unexpected surprise that I continue to be grateful for.”

Susan Keith, Owner, Defining Directions, LLC

“For me personally, Heart of Leadership was the beginning of a journey of transformation that I never, ever imagined I would find myself on. To be clear, I am still on that journey as the work is never done but I am filled with gratitude every day for the powerful shift it created in my thinking, my communicating and my leadership. It created openings for deeper and more meaningful relationships in all areas of my life and the tools I have acquired and developed have been game changers, life changers, to be more accurate. Watching those around me, the people I love most in the world and all those I love within Stonefire have the same powerful experience has been magical. It is truly a gift.

Amba is a big powerful kick in the pants…and Ruth is LOVE. My feelings for them run profoundly deep.”

Mary Harrigan, Founder, Stonefire Gill

Registration is Now Closed


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