Meet Amba

Awakening heart,
spirit and joy in worklife

Awakening the Consciousness of the Human Spirit, Awakening Heart, Spirit and Joy in Work and Life

Amba Gale, the Founder of Gale Leadership Development, LLC, is a teacher who coaches, consults, and designs with others conversations that forward the awakening of Heart, Spirit, Joy, and Meaning in the workplace. As a clearing for engendering development, communication, and integrity as principle and foundational thrusts in the culture of organization, she is dedicated to the principle that the development of people is correlated with the power and development of any organization. She has been offering one on one and team coaching, programs for large and small teams and individuals, retreats, courses, and trainings, in transforming leadership and communication as an underlying foundation for workability and Self Mastery for forty years, providing conversations that allow for openings in trust, collaboration, partnership and expanded Service as that which makes for personal breakthroughs, a healthy and nourishing work life, and businesses that serve their constituency in extraordinary ways.

Amba connects people to their own Wisdom, Creativity, and Spirit, and ability to author their own lives. She awakens the Soul of a business. This awakening allows for expanded Service, for connectivity between all aspects and people in an organization, for an emotional connection between stake holders and the company, for loyalty, trust, profitability, and plain fun. In the clearing of a company dedicated to the development of their people, extraordinary performance, service, joy, profitability breakthroughs naturally and organically result. In the clearing of transformation, individuals are released from the constraints and limitations of being human and can shift from a life partially lived to a life lived wholeheartedly, filled with meaning, joy, and passion.


In 1970, Amba graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Phi Beta Kappa, majoring in English, minoring in Music, and then acquired a Master in Music Education. She began her career teaching high school for eight years, winning an award for innovative development from the California Teacher's Association in 1976. From 1978 to 1981, she was the National Marketing Director, Trainer, and Sales Manager for an international educational corporation. She trained thousands of people in sales, service, and productivity. During the 1980's, she also led Communication Workshops for thousands of people across the country, and trained others to lead these programs as well, profoundly enhancing the quality of life of those with whom she worked. In 1989, she completed the Mastery of Management, a business program at Darden College, the University of Virginia. In addition to these formal educational programs, between 1975 and the present, Amba engages deeply in developing herself through various spiritual, ontological, and philosophical practices, oriented around personal mastery and development of mind, heart, and Spirit.


In 1981, Amba co-founded London/Gale Associates, a business and management consulting firm, which served organizations primarily in the industries of health, engineering, computer, real estate, and telecommunications. In the late ’80 ‘s Amba created The Gale Consulting Group, which, for 20 years, provided innovative technologies for enabling client organizations to create nurturing work environments that allowed for breakthroughs in trust, collaboration, partnership, productivity, service, communication, people development, and profitability. While her major client was Hewlett Packard during this time, her clients also included individuals, sole proprietorships, nonprofits, government and educational institutions. They have reported extraordinary accomplishments in developing leaders, team performance, increased profitability, and business success through developing people and creating work environments that work for people.

In 2009, Amba founded Gale Leadership Development LLC. in behalf of expanding her contribution, through ever increasing velocity, of developing others to leave their leadership legacy in the world and deepen their commitment to development, both for themselves, as the institution, as a source of sustainability and health in an ever changing world. The conversations that allow people to align their work with their own Core, their Core Values and Principles, based in authenticity and integrity, opens up the possibility for the widespread acquisition of leadership, power, and awakened consciousness, and commensurate business and personal breakthroughs that are often an astonishing surprise. Original in design, while drawing on the thinking of many wisdom traditions and philosophies through the ages, Gale Leadership Development LLC designs and offers conversations that lie at the heart of what gives rise to people and their businesses fulfilling their core purpose, values, and Vision, and creating environments in which people live a life worth living, a life of meaning, passion, and joy, and a business that derives its high performance and accomplishment from consciously serving the Whole: their employees, their constituents, their customers, and the evolution of the planet.